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10 Benefits of Using Motorized Curtains

10 Benefits of Using Motorized Curtains

As the name suggests, motorized curtains are curtains that will open and close automatically when installed with an electric motor. The automation is made possible by installing the curtains to a track called the curtain track system. The curtain tracks are usually installed in walls beside windows or doors. It works when electrical energy applied to its motors drive it to open or close in accordance to your preferred settings; you can easily adjust your automated curtains using remote controls.

Now let’s look at 10 benefits of using motorized curtains:

1. Energy-efficient

Curtains like these not only help save on heating and cooling costs but also require less effort in their operation due to their automatic opening and closing mechanism; this means that you will able to save more on electricity bills when you use these kinds of curtains in your home.

2. Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

When installed in large windows, motorized curtains can add an artistic touch to your home exterior or window look when they open and close automatically at certain times. As such, it will increase the curb appeal of your home when people passing by get a glimpse of how stylishly they work.

3 . Comfort

Curtains like these can be programmed to open and close automatically depending on the season. For instance during summer, you may program them with your air conditioner’s timer so that it opens up before you come back from work (letting the cool air inside) while closing them when it becomes dark (to prevent coming inside). Conversely, in winter, you may program them to open when the outdoor temperature rises above a certain level and close them when it gets too cold.

4. New Levels of Convenience

When your curtains are motorized you will be able to control most of its functions from your smartphone, tablet or computer without leaving your seat; this means that even if you’re away from home for extended periods, they will still work as programmed following their automated schedule.

5. Added Security

Motorized curtains can help increase security in homes since they give homeowners commands on how they want the windows covered during certain hours; thus preventing trespassing or robbery attempts.

6. Energy Efficient

Curtains like these move up and down using electric motors that use minimal amounts of energy; thus saving on energy costs and increasing the lifespan of their components.

7. The Curtain Tracks & Systems

Designers usually design the curtain tracks in such a way that they perfectly blend into your walls; this means that they won’t spoil the look of your home even when not in use. Most of the time, you will only notice them when the curtains are open.

8. Denotes Home Automation

There’s also an added benefit to using automated curtains when it comes to demonstrating how prolific your automation capabilities are to visitors or potential buyers when you want to sell up and move out. Take for instance someone who has installed smartphone-controlled lights in numerous points around their house. Having automated curtains in strategic places will add more interest and functionality to such areas.

9. Safety for Kids & Pets

Motorized curtains are usually controlled via remote controls that have tactile buttons; this means that kids and pets can’t wreak any havoc with them even if they know your access codes. As such, you can safely install them in kid’s or pet rooms without harming anyone.

10. Increased Curtain Lifespan

The electric motors inside automated curtains are designed to function within a certain lifespan; thus ensuring their survival beyond what manual operations would yield. Each time the curtains open and close, it will wear out some of its components like cords or wire strands; however, by automating it you will be able to lessen the number of times it needs opening and closing (thereby increasing its lifespan).

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