5 Tips On How To Maintain a Farm Tractor

If you want to learn then this article suits you best! Farm tractors are unarguably enormous so in order to maintain the tractor, you need precise and accurate steps. These steps also require ‘help’ if you cannot do the tasks on your own, But worry not because we will try to make this article simple and concise tips on how to maintain a farm tractor so make sure to read until the end.

Find The Previous Owner/Manual For Guide

Asking help or reading the manual for guides really starts the fundamentals of maintaining a farm tractor and because of this, you can know the tips and tricks of the particular tractor because not all tractors have the same parts, for example is the tire, there are different types of tests and pressure to check if the tire is far from wearing out or if it is flat or not, etc. Researching about the type of tractor and type of parts could also help if you really are new and have no resource guides about the tractor.

Look Up The Fluids

Fluids in the tractor consist of: Water that lubricates the tractor. Gas which gives power for the tractor. Oil which should be changed repeatedly depending on the life of the oil and the tractor. Brake fluids that are crucial for your safety because brakes are essential in cars (you can do this by abruptly pressing the brakes if it is in tact , and lubricant fluids (ex. WD-40) for the blades and other accessories attached to the tractor.

Tire Weariness And Pressure

Trucks and tractors have different sets of tires, so if you look at the manual or do research of the type of tractor/tire then you will know the ideal psi and the test you should do to know if the tire is wearing out. 

Check For Noises 

If you hear any unnecessary noises then it is time to check that particular noisy spot so it could neither possibly harm you nor your farm. Sometimes just a quick tightening of screws will do the job but if the noise or the uncomfort persists then might as well seek help from professionals or tractor workers.

Clean Clean Clean

Being clean, ordered, and disciplined in fixing or cleaning the tractor is very ideal, a farm is a place where the tractor might suck in leaves, soil, or even dirt so check those tight spots and give it a nice clean. Cleanliness also comes with the tools and process of maintenance, you can really know what the problem is and you can find the tools appropriate to use if the tools are also organized and clean.

Key Takeaway

Tractors are the big vehicles used on farms that will definitely increase the production rate. The work that the farmers are doing can easily be done using this equipment. It is used for planting, harvesting, harrowing, disking and so on. Can also be used to carry large amount of fertilizers, seeds and other inputs to the field and can significantly bring down the cost of labor.

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