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A Definitive Guide To Tightlacing

Tightlacing, also sometimes referred to as extreme waist training, is a specific corseting style with the aim of physically shrinking your waist to the smallest size possible. To know more click here

The circumference of the waists could be permanently reduced by up to 8 or even 10 inches by particularly successful tightlacers. Tightlacing, of course, has drawn a lot of criticism due to its more extreme, strict nature. It is likely that most individuals who have been tightlacing regularly for more than a few months have been accused of destroying their bodies at one point or another, most likely by people who are neither medical practitioners nor experts in waist training.

Tightlacing is certainly not for everyone, and requires a level of commitment above and beyond that is required to perform a more standard routine of waist training. In order to lose weight, get fit, or get an hourglass figure, you do not need to engage in extreme waist training. 

How to do tight lacing

Interested in tight lacing?

First, if you were to start a less intensive waist training program, you’ll get started in much the same way as you would.

Get your measurements right

To choose the waist trainer that is right for you, first measure your bust, waist, hips, and torso length. Obviously, if you’re going to be tight-fitting, you’ll need something with laces, so the clothing of your choice should ideally be a traditional corset. If you want to pick up a latex cincher for workouts, you can do that too, though.

Make sure the laces are sturdy and strong. They should be made of ribbon or cotton cord and be able to tighten repeatedly and regularly without harm. Typically, smaller individuals are recommended to choose a corset with a waist measurement between 4 and 7 inches smaller than their own, while larger or larger individuals are looking for something 7-10 inches smaller.

Set a target

However, you’ll probably want to go for something more strict right from the very beginning if tightlacing is your goal. Choose a measurement of the goal waist. Generally, something between 8 and 10 inches smaller than your current waist should do. You might need a corset guide to choose a corset that helps you achieve that goal. Feel free to start with a less extreme corset if you’re nervous.

Be patient

Do not feel pressured to instantly lace it up as tight as it can go when your corset arrives. Ideally, your corset should feel snug and tight, but it should not cause you any pain, discomfort, or breathing difficulties.

Tightlacing is never an instant process. Over time, results will come. Your tight-lacing corset will need a break-in period, as with any other waist trainer, to allow it to slowly mold to your body shape. What that means is, don’t jump into wearing it all day long right away.

Have a schedule for your tight lacing

Your weight loss and waist slimming will not happen any faster, and instead of giving your corset a second chance, you might find yourself grumpy, uncomfortable, irritable, and more likely to give up right away. So just take it slow. Start by staying corseted for about 2 hours a day, then increase gradually to 4, 6, 8, and finally 10. If you intend to tight lace, 10 hours is the average amount of time recommended for wearing your corset per day. You can give it a try to sleep in your waist trainer if you can’t stay laced that long during the day due to climate, weather, or work restrictions.

Take a break once in a while

Do not rush to increase your time. If it feels right to you, do so. When you feel you need them, take days off. It is recommended to do so about one day of rest per week. It will often take anywhere from one month to six weeks for permanent results to start showing, and rushing is not likely to make them come any quicker.

Try dieting

You can go ahead and get this started in the first week if you plan to include a diet in your tightlacing routine. To supplement your daily corseting, if you are going to exercise in a cincher, wait until you can remain laced comfortably for between 3 and 5 hours before taking your cincher to the gym. It is pretty intense to exercise while lacing up, and you won’t want it to take away your enthusiasm for tightlacing.

Why tight lacing?

In order to dramatically reduce the size of your waist, tightlacing refers to slowly lacing your corset tighter over an extended period of time. While some tightlacers may be able to complete this process with only a single corset gradually tightened over time, as they begin to see measurable progress, others find themselves required to buy smaller corsets with narrower waists.

Some elements that can also be found in the majority of standard waist training routines may include a tightlacing program. Tightlacers, for example, might go on diets to assist with the process of weight loss and waist trimming. They will often concentrate on portion control like other waist trainers, eating several small meals instead of a few large ones, and eliminating foods known to cause bloating, such as refined carbohydrates, white bread, cookies, cakes, white rice, and soda.

In order to strengthen them and to allow them to work as hard as possible during the time spent corseted. Extreme waist trainers can also follow an exercise program focused on the core and abdominal muscles. Even tightlacers typically switch to a latex cincher or leave the waist trainer off when they hit the gym.

Both are related to duration, the major areas in which tightlacing differs from standard waist training. Most tightlacers will wear their corsets for longer than 8-10 hours per day to achieve dramatic results.

They will also generally adopt a training program, such as 6-8 weeks or even longer. That spans a greater amount of time. For any reason, they may also be extremely reluctant to skip days. On the other hand, standard waist training emphasizes periodic breaks. Including both weekly days off and longer pauses after a few weeks of steady training. Planning to buy some corsets at throw-away prices? Check out

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