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An overview of MBBS in Philippines for Indian students

MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is a good option to consider for those who want an international degree in medicine. The cost of studying medicine in India is exorbitant. Govt. seats that are affordable are few and not many can get admission. Private colleges charge huge fees and also charge donation from students.

This is why Indian students prefer to study abroad. The Philippines and Georgian National University fees are affordable making it a good option for Indian students. This blog is an overview of the MBBS program in Philippines.

Studying of MBBS in Philippines for Indian students

Philippines is a South-East Asian country with a climate similar to India. The friendly people, English language teaching, and the hospitality of the country make it a great choice for Indian students to study medicine.

In fact, Philippines is the No. 1 choice for Indian students who want to study abroad.

The following is an overview of studying MBBS in Philippines. This overview also explains why you should choose Philippines to study medicine.
• Philippines is the third largest country in the world where people speak English. This is a big advantage for the country, which is why thousands of foreign students study here.
• The quality of medical education in Philippines is admirable. Students come even from the USA to study medicine here. A study revealed that one of ten doctors in the USA has graduated from Philippines.
• The temperature ranges from 23 to 32 degrees Celsius, which is similar to India. This makes it convenient for Indian students to study.
• Students are gets practical exposure to varied patients and the practical experience they get would be rich.
• The tuition fees in most places are low. The cost of living is also very much feasible. Indian students have access to hostels where they can get Indian food.

Studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the top ranked medical institutions in Philippines. Located in the picturesque Cebu city, this college is one of the reputed institutions in the world.

The following are some facts about the medicine course at this college that you need to know:

• 400 faculty members work full-time, 5000 hospital beds for practical exposure for 30,000 medical students 3000 are international students.
• The college is in the heart of Cebu city, which is a developed city and further the top 25 destinations in Asia. Students will enjoy studying and living in this beautiful city.

The program

The MBBS program comprises BS (Bachelor of Surgery) and Doctor of Medicine (MD). The duration of this program is 6 years, which includes the internship. The following is an overview of this program:
• The first year of study is happening at Cebu city or in India. The remaining years need to be completed in the university’s campus at Cebu city.
• The clinical internship must happen in the Philippines or in other affiliate places.
• The college prepares students for the screening test that they have to clear in India.

Fees and admission process

The fee for the entire program would be approx. INR 14 lakhs, which is a very reasonable fee. The cost of living works out to be around INR 90,000 per semester. An admission fee of $1000 has to be paid one-time to the university.

The overall expenses of doing a degree in medicine in UV Gullas College of Medicine would be less than 30 lakhs, which is very competitive to the very similar Indian colleges plus there is no donation.

MBBS in Philippines for Indian students is a good option and likewise the admission process is flexible. The admission procedure is as follows:

• Pass is 12th with 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with pass in NEET.
• An application for admission is mandatory. It can only happen through a consultant for convenience. Copies of 10th, 11th, and 12th marks sheets, NEET score, medical reports, and bank statements are must in the admission process.
• Once the admission is procedure is over you can move ahead, pay your fees. You can carry out next process of application for visa. Original documents must be hand over to the India office.

The Philippines and Georgian National University fees are affordable, which is why this is the best choice. If you want quality education, an MBBS degree that would be recognizable in India, and affordable education, then you can choose the top ranking UV Gullas College of Medicine.

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