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Common mistakes made during the CLAT preparation

The pressure of preparing for admission to a top-tier National Law University is immense. But you cannot determine what will be the final result of the exam by worrying about it. It’s better to try to figure out what’s under your control and let everything else be as it should. You only need to worry about your preparation.

Common mistakes are done during CLAT preparation

Ignoring current affairs and newspapers

Most of the paragraph-based questions asked in the exam are based on current legal events. This mistake of those taking CLAT goes a long way. Though the exam does not have a separate section for current affairs, it may contain questions related to recent socio-legal events based on the given paragraphs. Reading editorials of famous newspapers will be very fruitful. You can also join CLAT online course for CLAT preparation

Some newspapers that can help are The Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India.

Not analyzing previous years question papers

The analysis of the questions asked earlier helps in understanding the structure of the paper better. Reading the previous year’s papers helps you to identify the areas from which questions are asked and helps in setting a trend so that you can focus in that direction.

The most important part of exam preparation is to know the pattern and what is the demand of the question paper, this cannot be possible without going through the previous papers and familiarizing yourself with the pattern, trends and questions. You can get previous years’ question papers from the internet.

Reading comprehension and ignoring historical judgments

The passages asked can be quotes from decisions or the questions asked can be on those particular decisions. The union aspires to select students who are aware of their surroundings and legal events around the world. The questions asked are framed on this basis, which is why it becomes important for the CLAT aspirant to read the current socio-economic and legal narratives happening across the globe.

Lack of a proper strategy

Most of the students do not give importance to making a good strategy that can help them to get better in solving the paper. A good strategy can help build confidence or shatter it.  A well-crafted strategy can work in favor of the candidate in solving the paper in a better and more time-efficient manner.

It is advised that students choose a passage related to the subject they are most confident and aware of. It not only eliminates the possibility of more negative marks but also develops the confidence in the candidate to be able to solve the remaining questions in a calm and effective manner.

Ineffective time management

The passage needs to be divided in such a way that is best suited to get more marks. It is advisable to divide the time in such a way that there is enough time to solve all the passages and their questions. Students can prepare their suitable strategy. They can explain the subject of a passage with a cursory glance, by skimming through a passage; If they know about the subject then they can devote less time to it and more to those which they have not studied while preparing.

Panic while writing exam

It often happens that students fail to stay calm while appearing for the exam, this not only affects their mental state but can also affect their chances of qualifying in the exam. Panic during the exam creates self-doubt and reduces concentration which can lead to the candidate giving wrong answers.

Marking the correct answer in the wrong question can lead to even more panic if you appear for that particular question. know the answer to, because it would then be a loss of 1.25 points which could make a huge difference in your rank.

Not solving enough mock tests

Mock tests help to understand the paper better and give an upper hand over other candidates. Analyzing a mock after attempting it gives an understanding of where they are falling behind and creates scope for improvement.

Solving mock tests and analyzing them properly will help the candidate to increase their marks if they work on the areas in which they are weak. Taking mock tests also helps in making an effective strategy and teaches the candidate to manage time efficiently. One can access mock tests through the internet.

Not devoting time to practice

Practice sessions are very important to improve the problem-solving skills of the student which in turn enhances the confidence and results. Most of the candidates do not pay attention to the regular practice sessions. Practicing helps in developing the required concentration in the exam and also increases the chances of scoring more marks. Join best CLAT coaching in Lucknow for CLAT preparation.

Candidates should choose a passage and try to read it with a timer. doing it regularly will help in improving the reading speed and will help in completing the paper on time. You can also solve para-based questions to improve your understanding and question-solving skills.

To guess unintentionally

Since there is also negative marking in the exam, the test taker has to keep in mind to put more effort with more correct attempts and fewer wrong attempts. It is better not to mark such questions which are completely based on unknown general knowledge or current affairs. In cases where the candidate knows one or two options to be true or false, they can mark one of the options of their choice, but one should not blindly bow down while taking the test as a wrong answer will result in -0.25 marks. May have negative marking. ,

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