Does Pound Store Items are Cost-Effective as Compared to Super Market?

People always want to reduce their bills on weekly household and food items. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to begin with. Though deals are happening in the supermarkets for specific items and there is a lot of price comparison along with pound stores, at times it becomes easy to know the place where some items shall be cheaper constantly so that buyers can save money.

Visiting a wholesale pound store every month can help you to stretch the resources a bit further because there are a lot of items including toiletries, food, alcohol, and household products. These items are cheaper in pound stores than in supermarkets. To save money on weekly shopping can be very simple. It should be remembered that you should double-check the quantity of the items purchased from pound stores as the sizes are sometimes smaller than what you will get in supermarkets.

Branded cereals

You can find branded cereals at cheaper prices than what you will get in the supermarkets. You should be sure to check the offers and quantities, which are available at the supermarkets. It might happen that bigger boxes are sometimes discounted and thus you are getting a good deal.

Fizzy drinks

When you buy separate cans of fizzy drinks, you will get a better deal in pound stores wherein the offers begin for three cans for pound 1. However, if you want to opt for bulk buying, supermarkets might offer a better deal on multipacks. So, you should look out for this one.

Cupboard staples

A pack of food staples is sold in a pound shop at double the price sold in supermarkets. For example, tinned soups are available for sale for a pound but you will usually find them for more price per tin in supermarkets. This way you get a bargain on cupboard staples.


If you want to buy biscuits then take a trip to a local pound shop. You will find branded biscuits at lesser prices. There are a lot of deals on biscuits, however, check out the pack sizes.

Cleaning products

When you purchase the cheapest kinds of tin bags in supermarkets, however, find them breaking easily, it can be worth visiting a local pound store.


Though some supermarkets stock their brands of products, which are cheaper, the thing is that you will find branded products for a lesser price at pound stores. However, you should be careful because it does not mean that a pound store has stocked a big-sized product. If you do the numbers, you will find out that you are receiving a good deal.

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You will find multipacks of different products available on sale in pound stores for cheaper prices compared to what you will get of the same brand in a supermarket. Therefore, it is worth looking out for the best deal. Some products at pound stores are available for a pound, however, you pay more money for that in supermarkets. Thus, it is worth shopping at pound stores for saving money.

Kids toys

If you cannot take your kids to supermarkets without buying them toys then take them to pound stores. It will help you because there is less selection of branded toys on offer that can tempt your kids. However, you will find a large selection of classic games and toys that are offered at pound shops and it will not break your bank.


Though supermarkets have a good selection of the newest CDs, DVDs, and books, you will find a large selection of stories, films, and music from the previous years at a local pound store.

The success of Pound Stores

  • Purchasing in bulk-Buying in bulk is an instance of the economy of scale. If you buy more, there are lower costs involved. The pound stores buy products from China at a lesser price compared to purchasing through distributors.
  • Small margins- Pound line wholesalers run on small margins. A small margin can work with tight cost control and high volume. A high volume allows firms to buy bulk at a low price.
  • Eliminating distributors- A retail shop buys from distributors who buy from a source. It saves shops to deal with multiple suppliers. However, pound stores purchase in bulk directly from the manufacturers.
  • Low cost-As pound stores sell products at low costs, which encourages more buying.


Pound stores are good to keep the prices low. They provide a wide range of cheap products and also put pressure on supermarkets for matching the low prices. Pound stores are a great route to save money and time. All pound shops have rows and rows of low-priced essentials. Buyers do not need to think about which brand gives a better value because all are priced at a pound store.

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