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How do I Access MDaemon WorldClient Database in Office 365?

There are many users looking for the accessibility of MDaemon WorldClient data in Office 365 environment. However, the process is quite tricky as there is no direct procedure exists for the same. So, users need some powerful solution which could help them out in accessing MDaemon data in Microsoft 365 account. Therefore, the complete process can be accomplished with the help of MDaemon to Office 365 application. A strong and effective method for performing the process effortlessly.

MDaemon WorldClient offers complete web mail facilities to help users to stay in touch with office, home, internet café etc. WorldClient easily sends as well as receives mails from internet-connected system with a web browser supporting Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox and Opera. It runs on multiple operating systems i.e. Mac, Windows and Linux.

WorldClient is equipped with customization facility with the help of which users can work in a way they want. For e.g. one can change the WorldClient appearance, set them accordingly, they could change the messages display on a single page, how spell checker works and the content of email signature. Moreover, there is also a sharing facility available which can be used to share email folders, allows to set filters for automatic email organization and much more.

The most remarkable features offered by MDaemon WorldClient is as follows:

  • The messages and collaborative data stored on the email server, centralising all business content.
  • Able to run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS that support browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, FireFox, Safari etc.
  • Allows to share calendars, email folders, with contacts, distribution lists, notes, tasks etc.
  • Introduce user interface in more than 25 languages.
  • In-built numerous themes, fonts, colors, messages sorting, messages per page, type sizes and more.
  • It has personalized signature, out of office automatic reply, spell checking and more.
  • Applications like Windows and Java ComAgent app can monitor entire or few folders or new messages.
  • Synchronization available for Outlook and Windows Address Book.

Besides this, there are lot more other powerful features offered by MDaemon WorldClient. However, still users want their database to be shifted in Office 365, why? Because apart from all these benefits, the one thing it lacks is its low storage space. MDaemon is a solid app but it is accessible by small-scale organizations. So, if a company is switching from small to medium or large, then one needs large capacity to hold the data of unlimited users. Thus, MDaemon to Office 365 migration is must.

Why Office 365?

Office 365, now known as Microsoft 365 as it is introduced by Microsoft Corp. A cloud subscription-based program which is also cloud version of desktop MS Office Suite package. It includes all the apps which are available in desktop version i.e. Spreadsheets, PowerPoint,, OneNote and more.

Some strong features of Office 365 as listed:

  • Flexibility to access files from any location at any time and from any device.
  • Includes two-factor authentication which prevents account from unauthorised access.
  • Skype and Outlook to keep the communication centralised and straightforward.
  • Yammer and Team is a good way to connect socially.
  • Every license comes with different functionality that you can choose according to your business.
  • The app will upgrade to latest version automatically.
  • Use Collaborative Tools to share mailboxes, calendars, contacts and documents.

How do I Access MDaemon WorldClient Database in Office 365 Account?

MDaemon to Office 365 is an instant and remarkable utility which directly export unlimited MDaemon WorldClient data in Office 365 with all mails, contacts, calendar and other items. The MDaemon Converter is a simple, user-friendly and offers effective solution for the same. With the help of the tool users perform the process effortlessly and directly without facing any alteration in the original data. Download free version of the software and experience the complete process to access MDaemon WorldClient database in Office 365.

Follow Steps to Access MDaemon WorldClient Database in Office 365

Step 1. Run MDaemon Converter on Windows machine.

Step 2. Use Select Files and Select Folder button to add desired MDaemon WorldClient files or folders on the screen.

Step 3. Choose Converting Multiple MDaemon Users option to access data of multiple MDaemon WorldClient users in Microsoft 365.

Step 4. Click Next.

Step 5. List of MDaemon WorldClient user data will be listed with check boxes. Users can access these checkbox to carry out selective migration. Click Next.

Step 6. Choose Office 365 option from Select Saving Option drop-down list.

Step 7. Provide login details of Office 365 account. If you have admin details, then select I am Admin option.

Step 8. Set other Microsoft 365 options i.e. filters, copy to default folder and more.

Step 9. Press Connect.

Step 10. If a user added admin details, Mailbox Mapping will be open after clicking Connect. You can choose the desired user in which you want to access MDaemon WorldClient data. Otherwise, tool will directly perform the conversion if single user details are provided.

Step 11. Process will successfully finish with a message “Process Completed Successfully”.

Now, login to your added account and check the migrated database. All the content will be accurate and precise.


The complete guide is about how do I access MDaemon WorldClient database in Office 365 account. MDaemon Converter is a smart resource to transfer unlimited folders from MDaemon to Microsoft 365 at one time. In order to check the process completely, use freeware version which allows to move first 25 files from each MDaemon folder free of cost. You can use the same to check the process of MDaemon to PST, Exchange Server, Google Workspace and more.

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