How Shree Yantra Can Make You Successful

What is a Shree Yantra?

The most powerful Yantra to exist is Shree Yantras with 2816 energies inside. Nine triangles form in different sizes that intersect each other and further form 43 small triangles. This pattern of the Yantra is a symbol of non-duality and wholeness or the complete nature of Cosmos. It is surrounded by petals and the Yantra is designed in a concentric pattern. The highly elevated reverberations generated from the Yantra draw the worshippers’ desires towards them. Its presiding deity is Goddess Tripura Sundari, one of the Dasa Mahavidyas. People know her by other names like Goddess Lalita and Maa Shodhashi. She is powerful, invincible and a resplendent beauty among the three worlds.

There are three types of Shree Yantras that one can generally install in homes, offices, shops, etc. The first type of Shree Yantra is a basic 2 dimensional Yantra which people refer to as “Bhuprashtha”. “Bhu” means Earth, this Yantra often comes etched on a gold-plated copper sheet or pure Silver sheet. Secondly, People use Kurmaprastha Yantras to worship. In this type, the Yantra is crafted on the back of a tortoise. It is a 3 dimensional Yantra with blessings of Kurma and the Shree Yantra itself. The third type is Meruprastha Yantra which is also in 3D form. It is a raised pyramidal pattern and usually Copper, Brass, etc. Worshipping a Shree Yantra is equivalent to praying to all the Gods and Goddesses. People refer it as a magnificent powerhouse of energy. It is potent for fulfilling the deepest desires of devotees.

Shree Yantra Benefits

  • It brings abundance and opulence to the worshipper
  • Attracts good fortune and unending prosperity
  • Helps progress on the path of spirituality
  • Bestows totality and positivity, wherever one keeps it.
  • Negates the negative aura and fills the space with auspiciousness
  • Gives popularity, success, and luxuries of life

How does a Yantra work?

The Yantra diagram is designed to manifest the wishes of worshippers. Its unique geometry resonates with the positive energies that co-exist in the Universe. When the worshipper focuses and meditates with the Shree Yantra, it uplifts him spiritually. This enables one to connect with their consciousness and disconnect from the material world. The Shree Yantra diagram is an indicator of Advaita which means the non-dual aspect. It is a combination of entirety and singularity. Praying every day in front of the Shree Yantra helps achieve success in life. It is the source of abundance and attracts riches to home or any other space. Meditating on the Shree Yantra has also proven to be beneficial to many devotees.

How to place Shree Yantra?

Ideally, one should keep a Shree Yantra in the East direction. Its centermost tip that aligns with the base indicates its face. This side of the Yantra should be facing the West direction and the back should be facing the wall. It helps balance and purifies the energies in-home and brings affluence. Another important thing while buying a Shree Yantra is to get a Yantra idol purely made in natural Sphatik (Crystal). Alternatively, Copper Shree Yantras are also used commonly for worship at home.

Shree yantra Installation Process (Sthapana Vidhi)

Friday is a favorable day for establishing a new Shree Yantras in your house, shop, office space, or vehicle. On the previous night, keep the Shree Yantra in saline water to remove its negative energies. Begin the day with a positive frame of mind. Rinse the Shree Yantra with regular water and keep it under natural light for purification. Further, keep the Yantra on a clean plate and rinse it with water and saffron-infused milk. Wash it again with water and sprinkle some Gangajal over the place of installation.

Light an incense and chant “Aim Hreem Namah” while doing this. Lay a yellow cloth and place the Yantra on it. Apply Kumkum (Vermillion) or Sandalwood paste to the Yantra and keep a Coral Mala on it. For energizing the Yantra, one can place a Shivling near it. Make offerings of yellow flowers, jaggery, raw Haldi (Turmeric), and chant the mantra given below 108 times. After the puja rituals, cover the Yantra with a red cloth.

Shree Yantra Mantra

Along with daily worship, mantra chanting in front of the Shree Yantra increases the intensity of prayers. The following mantra is associated with Shree Yantra:

|| Om, Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Passed, Passed,

Shreem, Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah ||

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