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How to Deal with Overweight or Oversized Bags in Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines has one of the most aggressive policies with your bags. The good thing is that they have not kept anything hidden, and you can find every detail on how you can carry your bags with them. To know more about the guidelines, you can visit the Spirit Airline official site. If you are going on a long trip, avoiding extra baggage is next to impossible. In this article, we’ll check the Spirit baggage policy and see how you can purchase a carry-on bag, checked baggage, overweight, oversized, and extra baggage with Spirit Airlines.

If you Want to take a Carry-On Bag with You

If you are planning to take a Carry-On bag with you, you should know that this bag will be chargeable as Spirit Airlines doesn’t allow you to carry any additional bag apart from one personal bag that can be a handbag, a purse, a laptop bag, one small backpack or a camera bag that should be under the defined size limit. A carry-on bag can be kept in the overhead compartment of your cabin. The maximum dimension of your bag is mentioned below, and it should not exceed under any circumstances. Do note that this dimension includes the size of the wheels and handle of your bag.

➢ 56 cm or 22 inches as height
➢ 46 cm or 18 inches as length
➢ 25 cm or 10 inches as the width

If you Want to take Checked Luggage

No checked luggage comes under the free baggage allowance with your ticket. If you want to take checked baggage with you, you have to pay an additional charge for it. The amount may be different for individual routes and depending on the total weight of your bags. The maximum allowed limit under normal allowance is158 cm or 62 inches. If you don’t know what linear inch is, it is the total sum of the length, width, and height (L + W + H) of your bag. As per the Spirit Airlines baggage policy, the maximum weight of your bags should not exceed 40 pounds or 18.1 kilograms. These limits include the handle and wheels as well.

Any bag that surpasses these measurements or weight restrictions is considered oversized or overweight luggage and is subject to an additional charge. If your bag exceeds the maximum weight limit of 100 pounds or 45 kilograms or the size limit of 80 linear inches or 203 cm, Spirit will not accept your bags.

What Do I Need to Pay Extra for my Overweight Luggage?

You have to pay an extra charge of $50 per bag weighing between 41 to 50 pounds or 18 to 23 kilograms.

You have to pay an extra charge of $75 per bag weighing between 51 to 70 pounds or 23 to 32 kilograms.

You have to pay an extra charge of $75 per bag weighing between 71 to 100 pounds or 32 to 45 kilograms.

What Do I Need to Pay Extra for my Oversize Luggage?

You have to pay an extra charge of $75 per bag if the linear dimension of your bag is between 63 to 80 inches or 158 to 203 centimeters.

How to Save Money on Overweight and Oversized Bags?

You can easily save money for your additional bags by pre-booking your baggage at the time of booking or during your online check-in. You also have the option to pay at the airport, but this will cost you more. For example, if you have to pay an additional charge of $50 at the airport, this will cost you $30 to $35 if you check the bags online.

What is not Allowed to Bring in Spirit Airlines

As responsible citizens, we must follow the rules and guidelines issued by TSA (Transportation Security Administration). Here is a brief list of the items that are not allowed to carry in Spirit Airlines.

● Alcohol
● Antlers
● Archery Equipment
● Artistic Items
● Balls/Balloons
● Baseball Equipment
● Bicycles
● Bowling Equipment
● Boxes and Plastic Containers
● Camping Gear
● Ceramics or Chinaware or Glass Utensils
● Chainsaws
● Dry Ice
● Electronic Cigarettes
● Firearms
● Fishing Equipment

You can also check the latest list of prohibited items on the FAA website. You can check the Spirit Airline website for the complete Spirit bag policy.

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