How to Shift OST Files in Outlook Application with Versions 2019/2016/2013?

OST files are the offline storage table file formats that are utilized in the MS Outlook application. The users can work in offline mode when they don’t have a connection. In such cases, the information is been used as Exchange Server which is responsible for creating the new copy at the same destination whenever the configuration takes place. While the drive will be enhanced after a certain period of time. This is an issue when you will be facing large OST file size problems or to shift OST files in Outlook. In such cases, you need to take a lot of effort in resolving the issues. The users can go through the manual steps which are provided right below the discussion. Also, we have presented a reliable application which is a professional tool for getting help in such problems.

The Outlook users should understand that the OST files will not be able to access on another computer directly. Therefore, you need to work a little more on copying the data and pasting the same into a new computer folder. Also, the process should consist of a similar Exchange Server. The configuration should be the same as when created the respective file.


Reasons for shifting the offline OST data to another email client application

There can be various factors for moving the files from Outlook for example the organization is shifting from one place to another. There can be a reason that the operating system environment is been varying because of which there is a requirement for moving OST files. Another reason is that when you have a large size OST file and your hard disk is running low space. Outlook users might face problems with data accessibility in various circumstances. Thus, they need to find a solution that can help them to shift the data from Outlook to another system. The individuals which to prevent their crucial data from loss factors at the time of Exchange Server crash down problems.

Some of the free approaches with which you can attain the easy conversion process

Following are the feasible methods that you can adopt to have the resolution of shifting the offline storage files easily from one place to another. Try to pursue the following three steps and find out the determined solution in a small span of time.

Proceed with the working of the ForceOSTPath Key feature

The individuals who are not aware of ForceOST Path key. They should understand that it is a windows registry key that is used as a new Outlook profile. Shift OST files in Outlook in upcoming and latest Outlook application versions have this specification with which you can pursue the steps in an appropriate manner. The users can work with modifying the mentioned key and they can easily set the new location for their respective OST file available on the computer system. You should note that when this process is been running then you should close the MS Outlook application. The procedural steps are discussed below with illustrated examples.

With the help of Windows+R keys, you can open the below dialogue box. Here, you need to type regedit and then hit the Ok button.


Once you will be able to see the registry editor page you need to follow the below-given path. Here, you can change the value of xx as per your Outlook application version.


As shown in the below image, you need to right-click on the option given as “Outlook”. Then select the New option as shown below and proceed with clicking on the Expandable String Value option.


As shown below, the users can proceed with typing the ForceOSTPath as the required name and then hit the Enter button so as the process can establish to create the same.

Once you have done the above steps successfully, you need to right-click the ForceOSTPath and then choose the Modify option to work further.


As shown in the above picture, you can see the edit string dialogue box is appearing. Here, you need to provide the accurate path location so that the final OST file can be saved at the provided location. Then hit the Ok button.

With the help of new file creation

If you are not aware of the default location of your OST file then follow the below-given paths from where you can easily trace the respective files without any trouble.


C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

Do you know, when you try to create the new offline storage table files with the process of disabling. Then again enabling the cached mode at various paths on your system can help you with the data migration process automatically. All the steps will be available with the Exchange Server configuration. The complete information will be easily shifted towards this newly created file. The process is been discussed right below with easy steps.

  • Try to launch the Outlook application and then choose to open the Account settings from the File option. Then select the Data files.
  • The users are required to choose the appropriate Exchange account and then proceed with clicking on the Settings option.


As shown in the above image, you need to select the advanced mode. Then uncheck the option given as the Use Cached Exchange mode option.

Shifting the OST files

Then proceed with clicking on the Outlook data file settings button and hit the disable offline use option. Once you have done this process, confirm to execute the process by clicking on the yes button. When you will hit the Outlook data file settings option. The users can choose any of the buttons to like to create the new file or to move the earlier created old file. If you are choosing to create the new file then follow the process of browsing and adding the respective folder with mentioned path. Like the location at which you need to save the new OST file. While in the other process, you need to browse the file with the path that you wish to move to another destination.

Once you have done the above steps, you need to choose the checkbox given as Use Cached Exchange Mode and then hit the Ok button. This will bring a prompt message which will ask you to restart the email application. Then you need to proceed by clicking on the Ok button.

Now, you can check that the new file will be created at the respective location. Now, you are allowed to delete the old OST file.

The above procedure is applicable to the users who are having the latest Outlook versions. Also, you must be technically good to process the above steps. There is no guarantee that you will get the expected result, also there are chances of data loss.

Let us discuss the automated method for moving the OST file without any data loss

You might have faced problems like the long run of Exchange server maintenance. Because of this, you are unable to access your data and mailbox items. The Exchange Server is crashed and some other factors are responsible for shifting the above-mentioned files to another platform.

While as discussed, manual approaches can be used for getting the desired result. But they are time-consuming as well as risky and hence the solutions are not reliable.

OST File Exporter

Softaken OST to PST Converter tool is one of the best third-party tools available in the IT industry to shift OST files in Outlook. Many organizations have tried to work with this tool and they find it so feasible and handy to work with. The complete process is in safe hands, there are no problems of data loss or misuse of information provided in the automated tool.

Softaken OST to PST Converter

Therefore, download the software for availing of the effective solution of moving or to shift OST files in Outlook email data.

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