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Learn about Employee Generated Content from Scratch

When talking about marketing and promotion of a brand and association, the first name that pops up in our minds is the UGC. We all are aware of the importance and benefits of UGC. 

But are you aware of EGC? EGC or employee-generated content has the same kind of effects when shared on social media platforms or your website. This is one of the greatest ways to engage potential employees and showcase your brand in the best way possible. 

EGC helps in recruiting the right people who fit perfectly for your company. It also helps in getting to know the employee’s psyche in a better way so that you can work more closely with them. 

This blog will give you complete information on EGC. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is EGC?

Just like the users, even the employees are the brand’s best advocates. Employees are equally powerful content creators for the company or brand. This element gave rise to EGC. 

EGC stands for employee-generated content that simply means the content created by the employees of the company. It can be in any form be it images, videos, social media posts, or anything. Nowadays, companies have been consistently leveraging the EGC to get maximum benefits. 

This is super beneficial for the company as it drives more engagement and traffic than the content created by the company. 

With a lot of benefits and a rise in the usage of social media, let us try to understand the importance of employee-generated content.

Importance Of EGC

Each employee of your company has a unique perspective regarding the work culture, product knowledge, industry, customers, etc. 

What can be more amazing than leveraging these unique perspectives that the employees can showcase via creative content? 

Leveraging EGC gives your company detailed insights that furthermore facilitate thought leadership and brand perception from time to time. 

People trust people! This makes it very important for the company to showcase and use EGC on their websites and other platforms to win the trust of their potential employees. This also helps the recruiting process work smoothly and effectively. 

Below is the list of several advantages served by EGC. Let’s quickly have a look at them.


Just like the UGC, EGC is also super pocket-friendly. Leveraging EGC helps in cropping down the huge amounts of money spent on marketing and promotion of the company. 

It helps in generating higher media value than sponsored content.

Creates Trust In The Company

EGC helps in creating trust within the company. Since it showcases the real experiences of the employees and the content created by them, it displays your company as authentic and genuine. 

It helps in attracting new and potential employees. In addition to this, it minimizes the efforts of the recruiting team as the promising employees themselves come because of the unbiased elements shown by the company’s employees.


Utilizing the EGC helps in saving a lot of your company marketing team’s work. They can easily leverage these and save a lot of time and effort needed in the content creation process. ‘

Fresh Viewpoint

The marketing team of your company might manage to bring out the best of the content needed for your company but they still might miss out on important insights, projects, viewpoints that the other departments can easily provide. 

Using EGC can help in giving fresh and unique content with detailed insights to the company. Therefore, keeping the employees at the forefront in this can help you in gaining maximum benefits which the marketing team might not be able to give.

Employee Engagement

Here comes one of the most prime benefits. Using EGC helps in boosting the trust of the current employees of the company too.

They would feel invested in the company. When they feel so, they are more likely to invest themselves more in the company thereby, increasing their loyalty towards it. 

When employees feel disengaged in the company, the company is more likely to face a higher rate of absenteeism, less productivity, and profitability. So till now if you’ve been working hard on enhancing the employee engagements, leverage EGC this time and see the wonders it does.

Fetching The Right Talent

Everyone wants to work for a company that works in the best interests of its employees. When you display EGC on your website or any other platform, you can get the right talent and potential employees needed for your company. 

If the people see others in their network loving their organization, its work culture, they would automatically get attracted towards your company and would try hard to get into it.


Let’s Wind It Up!

EGC is as important as UGC in today’s world. It helps in recruiting new and potential members needed for the company in a trouble-free manner. 

It helps in displaying the work culture, environment, companies perks, and privileges in a better manner. Since it is created by the employees themselves rather than the company, people tend to get more attracted to your business.

Since people trust people, EGC is the best way to increase the company’s reach all around. This blog gives you a mini-tour on what is EGC and its advantages.

If you’ve not leveraged EGC for your company yet, you have surely missed out on a great opportunity. 

However, since now you have got the knowledge about it, what are you waiting for? Use EGC for your company and see the magic it does!

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