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macOS 12 Monterey: Things you Need to Know

Being an Apple fan is not a sin since Apple has blown our minds several times with its unique creation and production. Be it ARM-based processor M1 or blazing-fast iPhones, Apple has remained on the headlines forever. The latest news around the corner regarding Apple is the advent of macOS 12. Apple has declared the expected release date and provisional features of macOS 12, named Monterey.Get The ideal assistance from MacBook Repair Dubai.


Before macOS 12, macOS Big Sur has left compelling impressions on users. Apple has made significant changes in the previous macOS versions to make them compatible with the M1 processor. If you’re excited to explore more about macOS 12, stay till the very end. Let’s check out what macOS 12 will get us.


macOS 12: Release Date and Much More

Since 2011, Apple used to release a new version of macOS. After macOS Big Sur, this year, Apple is interested in releasing macOS 12. The major version of this macOS has got a great name: Monterey. Well, the main focus of bringing up new macOS versions is to cure all the bugs that the previous macOS versions have introduced. Thus, we can expect the same thing from macOS 12. 


Apple would release macOS 12 at WWDC. And, the probable date can be around September or October in 2021. We are aware that Apple has chosen the fall-time of the year to release products. Primarily, the beta version of macOS 12 wouldn’t be that compatible with most of the applications on the installed device. Therefore, the testing might require some more time before the final version gets released. This was also stated by the experts associated with MacBook repair Dubai.


And, you’ll need to pay nothing, as updates from macOS are free. We have great news for most of the Mac users out there. According to Apple, macOS 12 will support most of the MacBooks and iMacs. 


Here’s the detailed list of Apple products on which macOS 12 will be available as soon as it’s launched:


  • MacBook from 2013 and onwards
  • Mac Pro from late 2014 and onwards
  • MacBook from 2016 and later
  • Mac Pro from early 2015 and so on
  • iMac of late 2015 and onwards
  • iMac Pro from 2017 and later
  • Mac Mini from 2014 and later


Additionally, macOS 12 will be available for both Intel-based and M1-based MacBooks and iMacs. Developers can access macOS 12 beta version from this July. So, if you own a MacBook or iMac, check if you can work with macOS 12.

When can you Download macOS 12?

Basically, your Mac device will automatically update the operating system. However, your Mac device will find its way towards macOS 12 through System Preferences. The update will be available for download on the Mac App Store application, as well. All you have to do is to wait for the macOS version to get released.


In case you’re a developer, then you can go for macOS 12 beta version. It’s up in the market for checking bug issues and resolving technical glitches on your supported Mac device. 

Exclusive Add-ons of macOS 12

Well, Apple hasn’t kept us waiting eagerly for the features of macOS 12, this time. Meanwhile, Apple has disclosed all the major changes and features that will be introduced with macOS 12. The authority has claimed that the new macOS version would connect more users to the core of the device. Hence, users can easily communicate with other Apple devices.


To be specific, if you have an iPhone, iPad, or any Apple product, then macOS 12 will let you streamline all the devices under your Mac device. However, more features are waiting that will be available only on M1-enabled Mac devices. 


Let’s sneak into the details provided by Apple regarding macOS 12, Monterey.

Universal Control

Switching back and forth between Mac and iPad can be a bit frustrating. But, it will be no more when macOS 12 will hit the ground. The feature triggered by macOS 12, universal control, will let you slide between iPad and Mac with the help of a trackpad. On an interesting note, users need not deploy any extra setup for enabling the feature.

Changes on AirPlay

AirPlay has been a fascinating feature on iOS devices. Now, it will go live on Mac devices as well. Further, the credit goes to macOS 12. With the advent of macOS 12, you will be able to make use of your Mac devices for audio and video output with ideal macbook repair in dubai.


Video call experience has been smooth with Facetime, no doubt. To make it way worthier, macOS 12 is flooded with exciting features for FaceTime. Apple’s WWDC 2021 keynote consists of spatial audio support that supports the partial position of audio, relying on the position of the person talking to the speaker.


On the other hand, Voice Isolation is another prime feature from macOS 12 that will mitigate background noises. Hence, you can experience crystal clear audio. Another quality feature, Wide Spectrum, enhances ambient sound, such as voices and delicate sounds from the surroundings. 


MacBooks and other Mac devices with M1 chips will be more benefited by macOS 12. M1 chips are designed to eliminate user background noise. And, FaceTime video calls still stay end-to-end encrypted.


The default browser of Mac and all other Apple devices, Safari, is going to be redefined by macOS 12. Browser tabs will go more compact, and you can visualise them as tab groups. Tabs, search fields, and toolbar will be ported into a compact design with macOS 12. Therefore, maintain the synchronisation among tabs on your Mac devices with macOS 12.


Have you heard of Shortcuts from iOS and iPadOS devices? This exciting application will be live for the Mac device range with the advent of macOS 12. Now, you can avail automation. Additionally, you’re allowed to import shortcuts to your Mac device that you have already created on your iOS and iPadOS devices. Thus, it doesn’t mean that Mac devices will lack the Automator app.


Apple decided to replace the ‘Do not disturb’ feature with Focus with macOS 12. This feature will help you out in filtering notifications. Let other people know that you’re currently busy with the dedicated tag from Focus. With the high integrity feature, the same Focus status will be inherited by other Apple devices.


Make use of Notes never like before with its improved features and add-ons. Write down all your essential info or data with the Quick Note function. Additionally, Notes would help you to get links from Maps, Safari, etc. On the other hand, Notes has been designed to provide access to multiple users to edit the same note. Further, users are free to submit comments, and the edit logs will be registered in the Activity View feature.

Final Verdict…..

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? However, this macOS update appears way more a bug-fixer than a major macOS release, such as Big Sur. Let’s wait for the final release of macOS 12. And, if you face any problem with your present MacBook device, then MacBook repair Dubai can assist you.

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