QuickBooks Error 15271: What Is It And How To Fix It?

The payroll service that QuickBooks provides has multiple uses. To make the QuickBooks payroll service more effective, Intuit always advises users to update it from time to time. However, the process of updating payroll is not free from errors, and among the most common errors is QuickBooks error 15271. An error message pops up on the computer screen displaying, “The payroll update did not complete successfully. A file cannot be validated.” Taking into account the complexity of such payroll errors, we have come up with this post to discuss the factors that cause QuickBooks error 15271, alongside the troubleshooting solutions.

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What are the causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks error 15271?

The followings are the most common reasons due to which users get QuickBooks error 15271:

  • QuickBooks Desktop is failing to update payroll because of the User Account Control settings.
  • Outdated version of the QuickBooks Desktop application.

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How to get over QuickBooks error 15271?

Solution 1) Switch off the Windows User Account Control settings

  • Open the Windows Start menu.
  • Enter “Control Panel” into the search box and select Control Panel.
  • Click on the User Accounts option.
  • Select the User Accounts (Classis View) option.
  • Click on the Change user account control settings option.
  • Select the slider and move it down to Never Notify.
  • Click on the OK button to turn off UAC.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop, try to update payroll, and see whether you get any error.

Solution 2) Download and install the latest updates of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and go to the Help menu.
  • Select the Update QuickBooks Desktop option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Options tab and then click on the Mark All button.
  • Click on the Save button.
  • Select the Update Now tab and checkmark the Reset Update checkbox.
  • Once you’re ready to download QuickBooks updates, click on the Get Updates button.
  • Once the downloading of QuickBooks updates is done, exit QuickBooks Desktop and reopen it.
  • To install the QuickBooks Desktop updates you have downloaded, select the Yes button.
  • After installing QuickBooks Desktop updates, restart your computer.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and try to update payroll to the latest tax tables.


If QuickBooks error 15271 persists even after going through the troubleshooting solutions mentioned above in the post, then there is a great possibility that the installation files of QuickBooks Desktop have been damaged. Therefore, our suggestion for you is to reinstall QuickBooks Desktop in Selective startup mode of your computer and then try to update payroll to the latest tax tables. You can also ask for additional troubleshooting assistance to get over QuickBooks error code 15271 by contacting our QuickBooks professionals at +1 800-579-9430. Our QuickBooks experts are pretty experienced in the art of error solving and will make the entire troubleshooting procedure a piece of cake for you.

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