Range Rover 2022 Specs – Detailed Review by Experts


Competition for Range Rover is intensifying as time passes. With the release of each generation of this car, there has been a flurry of launches from other manufacturers who have tried hard to take over its place in the market.

However, Range Rover has always remained popular and has continued to dominate the segment for decades now. The new 2022 model will be no different as Range Rover plans to stay ahead of the competition.

With every year passing by, technology continues to improve and become even more advanced. It can now be expected that the 2022 Range Rover will take full advantage and give consumers something exciting and unmatched to enjoy.

With this review, we hope you’ll get an exact idea of the car and its specs. We are a leading automotive trading company offering a large inventory of top-of-the-line automobiles.

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Detailed Review of Range Rover 2022

The 2022 Range Rover’s luxurious interior is designed to attract the wealthy.

The limo has been in development for decades. Still, it seems like an appropriate price tag these days with all of its upscale features, such as leather-lined rooms that can accommodate up to six figures worth of clients who want first-class service on their ride home or wherever they need to go next.

This Range Rover is more than just a luxurious car; it’s the ultimate expression of power and status.

It offers five different engine options, including an all-wheel-drive system that can be raised for extra ground clearance on your adventure to wherever life takes you. So whether it’s an off-road drive or a smooth one, this vehicle will offer an unrivaled traveling experience.


Next-Generation Range Rover will sport Jaguar Land Rover’s latest design. Its prominent high waistline and long-wheelbase will dominate its side profile for an impressive road stance.

The front end of the car will feature a large grill in between two slim headlights. Its rear end too promises to be full of life thanks to its coupe-ish roofline and floating roof in between two large tail lamps, which are rumored to give it more character than any vehicle before it. Below are the exterior dimensions of Rover 2022:

  • The wheelbase is 115 inches
  • Length is 196.9 inches
  • Width without mirrors is 78.1 inches
  • Height is 73.6 inches
  • Front Track Width is 66.6 inches
  • Rear Track Width is 66.3 inches
  • Minimum Ground Clearance is 8.3 inches
  • Rear Door Opening Height in inches-NA
  • Rear Door Opening Width in inches-NA
  • Liftover Height in inches-NA
  • Body Length is 0.00
  • Ground Clearance, Front-NA


When inside, you can expect the Land Rover Range Rover 2022 to have five seats just like all of its predecessors did. However, this time around, designers are trying their best to elevate the level of luxury even further, giving the cabin more space while also adding additional features.

A large touchscreen will be the centerpiece of the dashboard, while a lot of buttons are expected to be replaced by touch panels.

Many state-of-the-art storage spaces, additional cup holders, and other additions which will certainly enhance the overall experience are also said to be offered in the latest Land Rover Range Rover 2022 model. Below are the interior dimensions of Rover 2022:

  • Passenger / Seating Capacity is five persons
  • The Front Head Room is 39.5 inches
  • Front Leg Room is 39.1 inches
  • The front Shoulder Room is 60.9 inches
  • Front Hip Room in inches-NA
  • Second Row Head Room is 39.4 inches
  • Second Row legroom is 39.3 inches
  • The second Row Shoulder Room is 59 inches
  • Second Row Hip Room in inches-NA

Engine Specs and Performance

The 2022 model of Range Rover is expected to have a 395-horsepower turbocharged inline-six engine that features a 48-volt hybrid system. Or the automobile will be available with a 532 horsepower twin-turbo V-8 engine with a tank capacity of 4.4 liters.

The SE trim of the Rover will have an entry-level hybrid powertrain. In addition, the V8 engine will be an optional choice for the SE and standard version of the Autobiography and First Edition models.

The manufacturers say that the 434 horsepower plug-in offers electric-centric driving for up to 62 miles till 2023. Furthermore, the full-electric version of this model will be launched in 2024 that will mainly feature a high-performance SV model with an even more powerful version of the twin-turbo V8.


Since the Rover has yet to be launched, the estimates for its fuel efficiency are not officially announced. However, as per our expertise, this phenomenal automobile will inculcate the fuel-efficiency numbers of its outgoing models.

As such, the base hybrid model of the car will be able to offer 18 miles-per-gallon for an in-city drive and 23 miles-per-gallon on the highway. In contrast, the V8 model will have a lower capacity for both in-city and highway drives.

Our team will be on their toes for more information about Rover’s fuel economy and will update this review once we have more information.


All the models of the Rover latest version will have a 13.1 inches infotainment display with curved edges combined with the newly introduced Land Rover interface called Pivi Pro.

Additionally, the infotainment and connectivity features also include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that are considered to be the standard installation. Furthermore, the automobile will also support Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Other features that the Rover will include are wireless phone charging, a 13.7 gauge display, an in-dash navigation system, and a SiriusXM satellite radio.

The systems installed at the rear seats will support an 11.4-inch display with a Meridian stereo that has 35 speakers.

Safety and Driver Assistance

One of the best aspects of the latest model of the Rover is that it will feature a wide range of advanced driver assistance features that will include adaptive cruise control and semi-autonomous driving mode.

In addition, the car will include a standard automated emergency braking system, pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning, and lane-assists.

Warranty and Maintenance

This model of the Rover will offer a limited warranty of four years or 50,000 miles. The powertrain will offer the same warranty. In addition, there will be no complimentary scheduled maintenance for this car.

This warranty matches what is usually offered in the market, so there’s nothing out-of-the-box being offered here. However, the completion offers maintenance which can prove to be a bit of a downside of the warranty of the Rover.

Final Words

Land Rover is expected to introduce its new 2020 Range Rover in the coming months. However, there is still no official information about it. But, you can rest assured that this upcoming 2022 model will be one of the best cars ever created. And offer consumers cutting-edge technology and unique design both inside and out.

If you’re on a hunt for used cars for sale in Uganda and want an automobile in its best condition with economical pricing, then head to our site today and buy the car of your choice.

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