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The Effects of Hajj on the Human Psyche

Hajj Bait-ul-Allah is one of the most important pillars of Islam.

They are in any corner of the world. Hearts and foreheads are drawn to the one and only God five times a day with humility and submission, obedience and submission to Him. Muslims from all over the world come to the Kaaba in droves. Perform Hajj, circumambulate the Kaaba, and attend the court of God Almighty.

Millions of children of Tawheed are drawn to the same center from all over the world, different shapes and forms, different colors, different languages, but the same dress, the same sign of obedience and devotion is attached to all of them, all are shouting the same language, Labeek-ul-Lahim-Labeek, Labeek-la-Sharik-e-Lak-Labeek.

In Hajj, one has to go through these stages of thinking and awareness one wonders what is the secret behind gathering Muslims from all over the world in one place after traveling long distances and enduring hardships.

The Perfect Spirit of Islam

After all, what is the point of millions of people wandering around a crazy stone building, running between two hills, the whole city settles in a certain place on a particular day and date and is deserted in the evening? Millions of people are throwing pebbles on the symbolic stone pillars, millions of people gather at a particular place on the same day and offer millions of animal sacrifices, why?

All of these ways suggest that Hajj is the name of worshiping Allah and losing one’s self in His boundless love and imitating some of the payments and loyalties of Allah’s loved ones. All this is the name of adopting the payments of Hazrat Ibrahim (as), his son Hazrat Ismail (as), and his wife Hazrat Hajra (as).

The perfect spirit of Islam is that human life should become embodied worship, his gait, speed and speech, sitting and dismissal, individual and collective affairs, even in every sphere of life and every moment of life, a glimpse of complete devotion to Allah and perfect obedience to His Messenger, and for the same purpose. Hajj is a complete package of worship and obedience.

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The Day of Arafa

Hajj is indeed a great act of worship and a combination of many acts of worship! Hajj includes the color of migration and the style of jihad. Muzdalifah’s silent night worship and the sermon of the Day of Arafa in a gathering of millions.

A man also leaves the world for a while and then knocks on the door of the world with triumphant glory with a new personality. Countless tribes become his own, how many countries seem to be his own country, he sees the same meanings in different dialects. Going beyond the pool of bigotry and limited nationalism, one joins the sea of ​​unity

When the pilgrim says Allahu Akbar, he confesses that I have accepted from my heart. That God is the greatest of all powers, and his religion is superior, and his law is supreme, his power prevails overall. Yes, and its order is going on everywhere. when he says Labeek Allah Labeek, he presents himself in the presence of Allah that I am present at your call and confesses by action that wherever you call, you will find me present.

Wherever you remove it, it will move away. Then he testifies from his ihram that I have placed myself on the line of death from which I have to go one day or the other and give an account of life and share in the reward and punishment.

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When he is circumambulating the house called Baitullah his soul circumambulates the Lord of the Universe and shows that my center and axis is only the Divine Essence to cling to Him, to love Him, to sacrifice for Him, and to obey Him! When he receives the black stone, his degrees are kissing the pillars of his Lord and God.

He stands at the place of the accused and prays for faith and forgiveness, it is as if he is holding the threshold of the beloved’s house and weeps helplessly. He strives between Safa and Marwah and then drinks Zamzam water to fill his stomach like a long thirst and if the passion is right then Zamzam water is the healing of hearts

Haji draws on the history of centuries ago to share the feelings and emotions of Hazrat Ibrahim (as), Hazrat Hajra (as), and Hazrat Ishmael (as). Places and monuments carry him for some time into a spiritual environment that has been a great example of obedience and worship for centuries. He sacrifices, then the true meaning of the saying of Abraham (peace be upon him) is that my prayer, my sacrifice, my life, and my death are all for the Lord of the worlds.

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For the Sake of Allah

Hajj is a sacrifice of time, a sacrifice of wealth, a sacrifice of comfort, a sacrifice of many worldly relations, a sacrifice of many carnal desires and pleasures. All this is for the sake of Allah. No personal purpose is involved in it. Then in this journey with piety and piety, the constant remembrance of God. The states of passion and love towards God. Which passes over man leaves a lasting imprint on his heart.

The effect lasts for years. Islam wants the Hajj to change the life of the believer. But it should be a turning point, the starting point for living a pure life by forsaking sins. The servant, consciously making a covenant with his Lord and renewing his fidelity, not only took off the sewn garment. But also threw off the garment of disobedience in which his head and feet were bound.

That is, Hajj enlightens the nature of the believers. Hajj teaches to leave home and removes love of homeland from the heart. Arriving at the land of Haram, the pilgrim sees step by step. The traces of those who had sacrificed a lot in worship and obedience to Allah. Fighting from all over the world, Suffered hardships, was exiled, endured oppression. But, in the end, left the word of Allah exalted,

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