Things to Know About Cloth and Thread Count before Buying a Suit

The fabric of a suit is an important factor to consider before buying the suit. Suits are a symbol of sophistication, and they allow you to show off your style.

While choosing a suit, you shouldn’t only consider getting one with a luxurious touch or superior fit, but check the fabric used to make the suit. Even with cost being a principal factor in buying a suit, you also need to know the kind of suit you want to get and its value, as this can save you a lot in the long run.

What to consider before buying a suit

A few fabrics are available that are suitable for custom made suits, making the process of deciding on your preferred fabric easier. However, you should consider the following factors when deciding on the suit fabric you need.

  • The breathability of the fabric

During summer, sweaty backs become common and in winter, chilling cold increases the need to keep warm. This means that the kind of fabric you choose can either keep you comfortable or cause discomfort, so you need a suit with breathable fabric.

  • The softness of the fabric

No one wants to wear itchy suit pants or a suit that makes you feel uncomfortable and trapped. You want a suit that you can be free to move in without fear of a sudden snap or tear.

Suit fabric and pattern choices

Understanding the nature of suit fabrics can help you look better because you can determine which fabric works for the style you want.

  • Wool

Wool is one of the most common suit fabrics for men. This is due to its refined aesthetics and versatility. Wool is a natural fabric, so it breaths well, meaning you can wear it in cool or hot weather. It is wrinkle-free. However, it may be unsuitable for people who want a more slimming and lighter fabric.

Common types of wool fabric include cashmere, worsted, tweed, flannel and merino.

  • Worsted

Worsted wool is made of compact textile. The fabric is smooth and can last for a long period. Most wool fabric requires spinning, but not the worsted wool fabric. It is combed in a carding process to eliminate short and brittle fibres, leaving the longer strands for spinning, which gives a smooth toughness.

Different weaving techniques are available for worsted wool, which produces fresco, tweed, flannel and gabardine cloths.

  • Cashmere

Cashmere is available as a blend and on its own, giving a luxurious look, but it may give a suit an unwanted shine. Cashmere fabric can be suitable for pleasure but not for something fancy.

You can choose cashmere fabric for a suit you intend to wear all year round. They are suitable to create a luxurious, slimmer look and for formal occasions.

  • Cotton

Cotton fabrics are another popular option for a suit, and it is a natural fabric. Cotton suits breathe well and move, but they crease easily, making the suit appear sloppy. Cotton suits are soft but may not give a luxurious look like wool suits.

Cotton suits are usually suitable for autumn, summer and spring. Cotton suits fit all body types and people who want a semi-formal look for an outdoor event. If you want a work suit, heavy cotton or wool and cotton blend are best because they help the fabric maintain its silhouette.

  • Linen

Linen suits are light in weight, but they become wrinkled and stain easily. This makes them require regular dry cleaning to remain good-looking.

Linen suits are best worn in summer and a more casual alternative to wool or cotton. People with larger body types can wear linen suits, but they remain unsuitable for work wear.

  • Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fabric and consider lower quality. It is mostly available in a blend with other fabrics, like wool, to reduce their cost. Suits made from polyester fabrics get wrinkled more than wool fabrics but less than linen.

Polyester suits do not breathe well but give more shine than cotton and wool, making them appear cheap.

You can wear polyester suits in autumn and spring to avoid high temperatures. To increase the wear ability of polyester to formal events and its quality, consider a wool blend. Polyester suits fit all body types for office and dress casual events.

  • Silk

Silk is an animal protein gotten from insects, usually moth cocoons. Silk suit offers more comfort and is quite expensive. Silk fabric is breathable and serves as a natural temperature regulator to help the body expel heat in warm temperatures and retain heat in cold temperatures.

You can wear silk in winter, summer, spring and autumn. Silk suits are suitable for all body types and luxurious events.

  • Velvet

Velvet fabric is closely woven, comprising of nylon, cotton and silk. Velvet is usually suitable for a smoking jacket. Its texture is luxurious, and the fabric is breathable. Since velvet comprises nylon, it is less aerated than silk fabric.

Velvet is perfect for a dinner party jacket to events throughout the year, but they are unsuitable for office wear.

Cloth weight

Besides understanding the qualities of suit fabrics, you also need to consider cloth weight and thread count to buy the right suit. Below are typical fabric weights, which type of suit they are suitable for and the best seasons to wear them.

  • 7oz – 9oz – lightweight suit suitable for peak summer periods.
  • 05oz – 11oz – light to mid-weight suits suitable for the transition between spring and summer, late summer to autumn.
  • 11oz – 12oz – mid-weight suit perfect for everyday wear. It is advisable to get this weight of suit as your first suit.
  • 12oz – 13oz – heavier mid-weight suit for daily wear. However, it may be unsuitable for peak summer periods
  • 14oz – 19oz – heavyweight suits for cold autumn or winter

Getting quality suits may be expensive, which makes getting the right one important. To get the right suit, you need to consider different factors such as your body type, level of comfort, and the season you intend to wear it.

If you’re yet to buying a suit, consider scheduling an appointment at Bespoke Suits London to have an experienced tailor guide you in choosing a suitable suit.

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