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Tips On How To Fill The Football Squares Template

Do you want to win money faster and in an amusing manner? Are you a leisure bettor to enjoy wagering for a particular sport? If yes, then you are the right candidate to participate in football squares. It is an easy game that you can play amid your friends for making some bucks. But the fun could turn into frustration especially when you do not know how to play with it. So, this guide would help you to fill and play with the football squares template. Let’s read it thoroughly to enjoy this fun-filled game and to win the small bets among your buddies.

Playing format of football squares

Well, it is impossible to play this game until you do not know the exact format to play. So, initially, you need to set up a pool of 10×10 squares with columns and rows. This means the total number of squares would be 100. However, it is your wish to determine the amount for each square as per your pocket. But as per the standard format, you can make each grid value of 10 dollars. It will enable each participant to contribute easily as the amount is not gigantic. So, if you have 100 squares in a pool then the winning amount in total would become 100×10 = 1000. This amount will then distribute among the winners of each quarter as per the sharing percentage.

The football squares grid

In order to make a grid of 100 squares, you can have different options. Whether you can prefer to draw it manually on a paper chart or can download and print it. However, printing is the best option as you can get a readymade grid with no errors. It will also keep your time and effort so go for it. Now, after printing the grid you have to write the names of the teams participating in the football or super bowl. Hence, the 2022 football match is yet to play so you can consider last year’s teams such as the Chiefs and Buccaneers. Write names of these teams on top and left of the grid to complete the initial step of grid filling.

The procedure of filling the template completely

Occupy each square with the participant’s name

Assigning the team’s names to both sides is not enough for filling the football squares template. But, it is also crucial to fill all the squares with the names of each occupant. Keep in mind, that you must consider filling all squares by the participants. Else, the empty squares could lead to winning of a vacant square. Though, each participant can buy multiple squares in case you do not have enough players. You can also consider a rollover of winnings to the next quarter if a vacant square wins. 

Assign random numbers

Once you have filled all the squares with the names of the participants, now is the time to select random numbers. There are many apps available online to select the numbers randomly. However, you can do it manually as well with the help of a hat to pull random deck cards. Make sure that as a host you are participating too in the game. You have to look into the scores carefully for each quarter to establish the winners. You can write these numbers horizontally and vertically corresponding to each row and column. It will make the game interesting and easy to match the scores with row and column intersection.

Now, if you have to write the names of teams on the top and left side, fill all squares, and assign numbers, the football squares template is complete. After that, you only need to focus on the winning strategy to augment your chances of winning.

What is the best strategy for football squares?

Although, winning Superbowl or football squares only depend upon the last digit matching with the squares. The winner will be determined by the intersection of the last digits of the scores only. So, there is not any hard and fast rule to win with this game. But, you can consider some numbers such as 0, 3, and 7 lucky to increase your chances. These numbers are highly repeated in the previous football matches that can even repeat during live sports. If you have squares corresponding to these numbers, you might have more chances to win money. However, numbers 9, 5, and 4 are considered the worst in Superbowl.

To sum up

The game of football squares is really fun to bring along with your friends for a friendly rivalry. So, you must learn the way to fill football squares template correctly for great fun. It is a good way to win some money with betting to use the reward in the future for real sports betting. Bear in mind, you must not bet with a higher stake in this game to let it work well. You do not want to lose great money that you really cannot afford to lose. Follow this guide for an exciting game and stick to football or Superbowl square rules.


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