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Tips to study chemistry and zoology for MBBS in Europe

Benzene rings are the only thing that might come to the back of your mind whenever you think about chemistry. But you need to know that physical chemistry is way different. If you are good at solving numerical, then you can easily score in Physical chemistry. You might find it challenging to solve numerical problems, but chemistry numerical are way different from physics numericals as they are easy to solve and have got a similar pattern. First of all, you need to understand the chapters falling under physical chemistry and understand their weightage for admission at MBBS in Europe.

How can you score well in physical chemistry at best mbbs colleges in Philippines?

Neat formula book- you need to maintain a separate notebook for jotting down the formulas and ensure you keep the notebook tidy. Furthermore, you need to ensure that you use the correct procedures for equations. You can learn the wrong formula if you make any mistakes while jotting down the recipe. Mention the variables carefully.
Intelligent calculation- when it comes to estimates, you need to be relatively quick, and instead of using calculators, you need to solve the equations manually as it will help you solve the numerical in no time. It’s a brownie point if you are good at maths. Whenever you are doing calculations, you need to learn short tricks. Furthermore, you need to avoid silly mistakes and be careful with signs. You need to ensure that you use correct symbols when using sign conventions. Finally, ensure you keep calculations neat.

For MBBS in Europe Practice as much as possible – You must have heard several times that practice makes a man perfect, so you should apply it while preparing for NEET. For example, you can practice several numerical and solve the previous year questions and note down some exceptional cases. You also need to understand variations perfectly. For instance, you need to understand changes in molar conductivity if you are learning about molar conductivity. Finally, you need to instantly know about the mistakes if you are making any errors while solving the numerical.

Question approaches- firstly, you need to write down the given quantities and convert the assigned units if necessary and ensure that you don’t make errors while converting. If you make mistakes while converting, you will end up with a wrong answer. Next, you need to understand the quantity to be calculated and connect it with an equation and given equalities. You can do it quickly if you practice regularly. Then, you need to substitute the values once you get the equation correct and solve it without errors. Lastly, you can arrive at the correct answer. Hence you need to check all units accordingly.

Self – Notes- If you have joined NEET coaching classes then you need to ensure that you jot down all the notes. You can download the notes free online. It is important to make your notes while you attend the classes. You can make the summary of a specific chapter while you prepare a chapter so you can make a quick revision and go through notes in no time before the exam.

Solve previous year’s papers- you can join NEET test series, if you want to crack physical chemistry with flying colors. When you solve previous year’s questions you can top the medical exam.

Revision strategy- revision plays a crucial role in an exam. If you fail to revise concepts on time then it is challenging for you to retain them. You can target one chapter in a week while revising a subject and you can also have some daily targets.

Reference books- you can go through several reference books which allow you to learn more about the physical chemistry.

Above all, you shouldn’t ignore chemistry as it might look easy than physics but in reality it is quite challenging. Even if you find it easy you must go through the subject again and again. You shouldn’t rush in the project just for the sake of studying it.

Zoology is relatively easier than Botony at MBBS in europe as there are several chapters where you can relate and study. As your main aim is to become a doctor, you would generally focus more on the Human Physiology unit. It is one of the most scoring chapters. Some tips for studying human physiology are:

• You need to divide the subject as easy to grasp chapters and challenging to get chapters.

• Easy to grasp chapters are the ones that are pretty easy to learn, and they don’t need a lot of effort from your end. They include Digestion & Absorption, Breathing and exchange of gases, body fluids and circulation.

• Furthermore, challenging to grasp chapters are the ones that need extra effort, and you need to invest time too. The chapters include Excretory Products and elimination and Neural control and coordination.

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