What is the significance of Wheel Alignment?

Do you own a vehicle? How often do you drive? Do you get the maintenance done? Yes, there are several questions that you might need to answer before heading towards the main part of the topic. This is so because the topic of today’s blog is related to maintenance and the driving condition of the vehicle. It is wheel alignment.

Many of you reading this blog do not have a proper understanding of the topic but once you go through this blog you will have complete knowledge about wheel alignment ad its importance.

For understanding the condition of your car tyres, you must know certain other factors like how important your car tyres are? They provide you with safety and maintain the only possible contact patch with the road surface. Thus, maintaining your car tyres is essential yet people ignore the condition of their tyres. When it comes to your car tyres, they must always remain in good working condition. It enhances the performance and life of your vehicle and the tyres.

Talking about Wheel Alignment Lichfield, do you know the last time your car tyres got their repair and the tyre maintenance or wheel alignment? No? Obviously, you don’t because you do not pay attention to your car tyres. The average life of constantly running wheels is 5-6 years. When your car tyres ask for replacement before the time, they haven’t been properly maintained and have been mistreated. Do you have any idea? Every 10,000-12,000 miles, your tyres should be serviced. Nowadays, many do not have the time to have their wheels fixed on a regular basis. It’s really simple to say your goodbyes and replace your tyres without spending hundreds of pounds.


However, by paying attention to your tyres, you may save this money for something even better. You can extend the life of your tyres by bringing them back to their good working condition with help of repair and servicing on a regular basis, and these tyres will perform as well as new ones. A regular wheel alignment process is a major part of the maintenance schedule and you should always get it in time. It’s an important aspect of the servicing process.

Wheel alignment is a procedure where the tyres are put together at a particular angle so that they move accordingly and provide smooth motion. The procedure involves the tyres being placed in an alignment machine and then they are set at a particular angle. This is done to bring them in proper balance so they can handle the weight of the vehicle and transfer it to the road while driving. It is an important part of your maintenance schedule. Experts recommend getting wheel alignment dinner after every 6 months of driving.

There are so many advantages of getting wheel alignment regularly that it will amaze you. Tyres can influence the working condition of the car and yet you people ignore getting important maintenance tasks.

The benefits of wheel alignment are-

Increases the life of your Tyres

When you drive with tyres that are not in their proper alignment, they tend to wear out. And excess wear and tear lead to a lack of tread. When there is not enough tread, the tyres lose their ability to maintain grip and hence result in skidding on wet road surfaces. This can be a risk while driving. Not only this, the stopping distance increases, mishandling, and instability are all consequences of misalignment. Thus, it is recommended to get the alignment done to enhance the life of your car tyres.

There is a different type of wear and tear that can take place- 

Heel and toe wear– A loud noise from your tyres, as well as a sensation of vibration, are signs of this type of wear and tear. When one side of the tyres undergoes more wear and tear than the other side of the tyres. Heel and toe wear is the term for this form of uneven wear.

Feathering– This is a type of alignment when one side of the tyre undergo wear and tear and another side is still fresh and sharp. Tyre feathering is frequently caused by misalignment.

Camber wears- Camber refers to your tyre’s angular frame. The angle of the tyre might be positive or negative depending on the camber. Camber wear is a result of the tyres wearing out from the centre rather than the sides.

Provides Smoother Ride

When the tyres are in their proper alignment, they provide a better and safer drive. The quality of the drive increases as well as the safety standards. Thus, to enhance the working condition of your tyres, Wheel Alignment Lichfield is necessary.

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