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10 Must-Know Hotel Hacks for Your Next Stay

It can be difficult to find decent accommodation. We have many hotel hacks to make sure you are happy with your accommodation.

A few bonus tips have been added, along with some tricks and tips that our experts learned while traveling. These tips and tricks can be used on your next trip or at any time!

Hotel Hacks

1. Book a hotel at the best price

It is a smart idea to check multiple websites before booking a hotel stay in international chains. Some sites might offer different perks such as free breakfast, or even room upgrades.

You may want to look at prices on Google Maps if you’re looking for small, independent properties abroad. This will allow you to compare rates and find out which site has the lowest price. You can save money, but take some risk by booking online for one night and then staying at the hotel. You can save money by booking online. Some hotels may increase their prices via Expedia and to cover commissions.

If your destination is in low season, and there seems to be a lot of availability at the time, you may also want to ask the rates directly at the hotel to get the best deal. Although this is not a good option for smaller hotels, it can save you money if you plan to stay for more than one night.

2. Keep your curtains closed

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find that your hotel curtains are missing from your bed. There is an easy solution to this problem: trouser hangers. These handy little tools are found in many hotel rooms closets and can be used for closing curtains. You can also use hair clips to achieve the same effect if you don’t have trouser hangers.

You can make sure that there is no light entering your room by closing your curtains. If you live on the ground floor, this will ensure that no one can see into your room at night. You can keep your curtains closed during the day, but it is a good idea to do so at night.

3. Use the heated towel racks.

These little gifts of heaven are found in many European hotel rooms and are becoming more popular in the USA. These little gifts from heaven are perfect for warming your towels or keeping your bathroom warm during the cold winter months. A clothes dryer is another great use for them. You probably know the frustration of washing clothes, and how difficult it can be to schedule your laundry days correctly if you’re traveling for a long time. It can make a huge difference to have clean, dry underwear and not.

To make it as simple as possible and to ensure you never run out of clean clothes, wash your socks, underwear, or T-shirts in the sink. You can also take them into the bath with you. Then, rinse them in the hot water and dry them on the towel rack. You now have your own laundry service. These are great for warming your socks before you go to bed. You can also use the hotel’s hairdryer if the towel rack doesn’t heat up enough.

4. Get extra key cards!

It is not uncommon to find something more frustrating when traveling, such as having to charge your electronics in a small room with only one or two outlets. This is especially true if your key card must be inserted into a slot within your room in order to get power. It can be difficult to charge larger items such as computers, SLR cameras, or power banks.

If you’re traveling alone, ask for two keys cards when you check into a hotel. You can use the second card to keep the power on while you’re away from the room, and it can also be very useful if one of your keys is lost.

You can also ask for a card if you forget. When you are done, make sure to turn off the lights and air conditioner. While we may be unable to use the outlets, it doesn’t mean we have to waste electricity.

5. Make your entertainment system.

DIY is a better option than paying a lot to view pay-per-view movies, or carrying around a large speaker. It is possible to connect your tablet, smartphone, or laptop to the hotel’s flat screen TV via an HDMI cable. This allows you to watch your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows on your trip, as well as enjoy a day of binge-watching. Make sure you check the availability of the show before you plan your binge-watching day.

You can also create your own sound system simply by placing your phone into a cup or glass. You can make the sound even louder by bouncing off the sides of your phone, allowing it to travel further. This means that you don’t have to bring your phone into the toilet. ).

6. Grab some hotel toiletries.

To make your stay more pleasant, most hotels provide basic toiletries. It is a good idea not to bring full-size shampoo, conditioner, or soap. However, you should always have some spare toiletries for emergencies. These can be kept in your purse or carry-on for when you might need them. You can keep bottles with large openings so you can refill them later with other products. These hotel toiletries can be added to your purse, which will free up space for all the other toiletries you have brought. You can check more travel information here.

You can also keep a few hotel toothbrushes on hand. It is a great idea to always have one extra in your bag or purse just in case your regular one gets lost or falls on the ground, as I have done numerous times. You can use your toothbrushes to clean hard-to reach places, and even if they are not needed during your trip you can still use them for everything, from water bottles to shoes. Bonus life hack If you have children who play sports, toothbrushes can be used to clean track spikes and cleats.

Shower caps are versatile. Shower caps are great for protecting your shoes in your suitcase. They can also be used to wrap around your hotel room remote control in extra sanitation. In an emergency, you can use them as a plastic bag to carry your wet bathing suit. Bonus Life Hack: Shower caps can be used to cover leftovers once you return home. They fit well over small plates and bowls.

7. Don’t rely on the wi-fi in hotels!

We expect wi-fi to be an expected feature in every hotel. Sometimes wi-fi connections can be very weak or unstable in your hotel room. It is therefore a good idea for you to have a local SIM with data that you can use as an internet hotspot. Local SIMs can be cheaper than equivalents in the US, and they are often faster than international SIMs.

8. You can raid the minibar and not spend a fortune.

You can raid the minibar if you suddenly feel hungry or thirsty at night, but not want to leave your hotel room. Take photos of your mini-fridge contents before you eat anything. Then, replace it the next day with the exact product before you leave the hotel room or go on to the next day. This works only if your minibar does not automatically charge you for any item that is taken. It is likely frowned on by the hotel staff. One of the best ways to save money when traveling!

9. Make a nightstand.

You might be surprised to find no nightstands in a hotel room. You can use the “pockets” made by folding sheets at the corners of your bed. These pockets are perfect for glasses and phones and prevent you from losing them in the dark abyss between the wall and your bed.

You can also turn the hotel’s ice bucket over if you are feeling desperate. This should keep your stuff within arms reach, without you having to get out from bed.

10. Do not disturb signs are important.

Don’t be discouraged if you want to stay in if you don’t mind getting up at 5 am to get to sleep. This is especially useful if you’re staying at a business hotel that has a lot of early departures. Housekeeping will start their day earlier to make sure the rooms are cleaned faster. When you’re snuggled up in your comfy bed, the last thing you want is the sound of “housekeeping!”

You can sign the do not disturb form if you’re concerned about someone trying to get into your room while you’re out and about. This will make it appear that you are there. Your room will not be cleaned at this time, so it is important that you weigh which priority is most important to you.

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