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10 Tips To Grow Your E-commerce Business!

Do you want to increase your e-Commerce business revenues? But you’ve not yet decided how to ensure sales growth for yourself – by increasing the number of sales personnel, entering new markets or innovative solutions?

Online trading platforms don’t only allow many companies to survive the terrible trade lockdown for business but even to increase turnover in some areas of trade. And thus, the numbers of e-commerce platforms are in demand due to rapid growth in businesses. To reach this extent, there are numerous things to be considered that involve your campaigns for PPC, SEO, Social Media and much more. 

Digitisation and e-commerce have become an integral and vital part of the business. The ability to view products from the comfort of your home or office, waiting in line or sitting on the bus makes e-commerce a convenient way to shop. Therefore, wiser retailers are actively using Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, or Shopify mobile app development services to boost sales since mobile phones have become imperative in this modern world. Such services will allow buyers to make purchases quickly and conveniently. 

E-commerce makes it easier for even new players to enter a highly competitive market. So, if you’re also thinking about obtaining continued sales, let’s help you in making your business more profitable.

Below, we’ll mention some simple tips that assist in growing your business further.

How To Grow Your e-Commerce Business?


  • Website Optimisation

Strengthening your basics is the first step towards growth. Your site might be good at achieving great clicks. However, no one is taking interest in buying products. So, start optimising your website. 

The foremost thing to consider is the website design or development. Check – is it influencing customers’ perceptions and providing easy access to customers. After all, “The First Impression Is Always the Last Impression.” It should facilitate the customers with easy navigation, have an amazing visual appeal, and should be either official or informal, depending on the business type. 

Other primary considerations are SEO, availability of all payment options and appointment and scheduling, contact details, customer services, plus usage of Chat-bots. Adding such features won’t only generate revenue instantly with live customers, but also rank your website on search engines. So, ensure your storefront is mobile optimised and make it easy to use on mobile devices or tablets.

  • Bring Augmented Reality

Adding the Augmented Reality (AR) feature will increase the shopping experiences that show the actual representation of products. Now, buyers can see how the products will look where they hold or wear them in real life. That’s why 3D modelling has become a powerful tool for e-commerce. Additionally, live-streaming shopping events have also become popular. It’s an opportunity to take customers to your store, connect them with experts, and explain to them how to use the products/services. 

  • Upload Informative and Quality Content

Successful e-commerce strategies involve using crowd-sourced content to make your site attractive to potential customers. Amazon has attracted millions of consumers by inviting them to voice their opinions on books and new music. To enhance the searches and buyers, use keywords and meta tags to move higher in search results. However, the content should be highly accessible, easy-to-read, informative, and relevant.

  • Mobile Responsive Website

More and more people are searching for information and buying products through mobile devices. If you don’t have a good mobile commerce platform yet, be prepared for a sharp drop in revenue in the coming years. To stay competitive, hire a Big-commerce or Shopify website developer who offers mobile services such as delivery status, real-time notifications, instant phone calls, maps, and product information.

  • Apply Effective Social Media Strategy

Thousands of e-commerce businesses are using social media to keep their potential customers attached to the brand. Selling and posting relevant content on different social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others will help in driving more sales. Using such a strategy or different social media tactics like live streaming, social media chat-bots, and stories will engage customers with your brand. Don’t forget to invest in paid advertisements and in-app purchases to obtain “ready-to-buy” customers.

  • Automate Email-Marketing

Let’s start boosting your sales through shopify email marketing services. Pre-triggers in emails allows marketers to convey hyper-relevant and appropriate messages seamlessly, pleasing their subscribers. Therefore, it’s essential to automate your email marketing campaigns for running a smoother and effective process. For example, if a customer places some products in his/her cart, an automated email will encourage him/her to complete the transactions before it gets too late. 

  • Partner With Third-Party Logistics Provider

The growth in sales will make it necessary to use the services of third-party carriers (3PL-providers). This will help to cope with a huge number of complex orders. Reverse logistics, the ability to process returns and exchanges of goods quickly and efficiently, is becoming a key factor in a successful business. Adopting such a strategy will allow customers to fulfill their needs with full-service end-to-end solutions.

  • Provide Ultimate Checkout Experience

Every customer wants a smoother and simple checkout process. Focusing on such factors will enhance the buyer’s experience. Hence, the customers won’t think too much before buying. So, ensure that your Shopify store has a fast and easy checkout experience, offers a one-click buying system, includes many payment options, and connects your checkout system to a POS (point of sale) system.

  • Offer Complementary Services/Products

Organizing different contests on social media or websites is a chance to draw the attention of thousands of customers when they find out you’re selling items and accessories as a freebie. Offering complimentary services or products will also most likely bring more products. It’ll especially please customers who take interest in a product line versus.

  • Promote Customer Reviews

Social media brings a new dimension to people’s lives. While purchasing a product online, people first check the posted reviews of other customers. More positive reviews regarding services mean seeing a huge improvement in sales. Plus positive reviews from happy customers help you obtain the trust of potential customers. 

Wrapping Up!

The above-mentioned guide will help you determine the first steps in this direction, from creating a website and attracting the first customers to an online store, to delivering and fulfilling orders. So, hire a shopify developer who assists in developing a successful online store.

By summing up all of the above, we can say only one thing that e-commerce continues to develop successfully, penetrating into narrower specialised areas of trade. The future belongs to the Internet and technology. You just need to know that e-commerce is a great chance to make money and create your own business with minimal investment.

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