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10 Top-Rated Mobile App Companies India

Mobile app development has taken over the world by storm. Google’s play store and Apple’s app store are overloaded with mobile applications people use for multiple purposes. Who is behind this? A mobile app company. Yes, there are numerous mobile app development companies around the globe providing the best app development services in designing innovative applications. Since the demand for smartphones is growing the mobile apps are competitively increasing. India has instantly raised the world-app market revenue with their best mobile app solutions in this competitive growth.

India’s mobile app development companies are the giant tech hub because of their powerful tech solutions. India ranks among the top mobile app development service providers in the IT industry. Moreover, startups and professionals cater to their enterprise needs and capture a large audience to multiply ROI through top-notch app solutions.

Finding the best mobile app development company is tiring, but it reaps many benefits once you have the right company. Here, we have a compilation of top mobile app development companies in India. Moreover, they are famous for high-quality mobile apps catering demands of all types of users.

Compilation Of The Top Indian Mobile App Companies

A mobile app company aims to provide a high-quality end product to its clients. The Indian mobile app development companies have proven themselves with their competent services in delivering effective and efficient applications. Their well-organized portfolios showcase expertise in hi-tech development cores. However, the hi-tech business mobile app solutions they provide are rich in GEO location tracking, virtual assistance, and live chatting features, uplifting business performances.

Below is the compilation of top mobile app development companies in India. Let’s go through their expertise and what makes them rank in the topper’s list.


IndiaNIC is the top mobile app development company exists in India. The company raises its foundations with a powerful ambition to provide result-driven, impactful, and user-centric app solutions to its clients. They give their clients the freedom to run mobile apps on multiple platforms with cross-platform app development services. With its incredible mobile applications, IndiaNIC has contributed a lot for businesses capable of standing tall on the market map. Additionally, their business applications are overfilled with rich features that fulfill all the requirements and easily scale with operational insights. Hence, businesses that want to be competent can enhance business values with their appreciable solutions.

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is another of India’s top mobile app development companies. The company also has offices in the US with a big name in business web and mobile app development services. Being a top-notch app service provider Hidden Brains is a true companion of startups and experienced enterprises providing the best custom app design and development solutions. They specialize in building cross-platform applications using the latest frameworks, capable of running on Android, iOS, and Windows operating devices. Secondly, their highly scalable app solutions are accessible to integrate with the corporation’s internal workflows.

Hidden Brains has a well-planned app development strategy that concentrates on the client’s project and makes workable strategies to achieve their target. They never disappoint businesses that partner with them and provide valuable applications covering a wider audience and bringing more traffic.

Octal IT Solutions

Octal IT Solutions is a top-notch IT company in India with its wing in UK and Singapore. The company has a diligent team of developers providing profit-making applications for businesses. Furthermore, Octal is connected with famous technology leaders Microsoft, Amazon, Acquia, D&B, etc., and deliver custom mobile apps suite to entrepreneurs.

The leading IT company highly cares about your businesses and keeps their services updated with the latest technologies. Their innovative platform-independent business applications service makes them stand tall in the market. Therefore, it will be a wiser decision to seek IT consultancy from Octal IT solutions to maintain your business operations with the latest IT services.


Appinventiv is another top-notch mobile app development company serving business sectors with innovative iOS and Android applications. They work on the latest mobile app technologies, Kotlin, Flutter, React Native, Angular, Swift, and much more. Additionally, Appinventiv help startups and experienced enterprises to grow smartly and compete in the market with a strong position. If you are looking for high-quality tech solutions to boost your business process, Appinventiv will be your great partner helps you attract more customers in less time.

FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies, a leading ecommerce service provider, designs websites for ecommerce industries. Startups, medium, and small ecommerce businesses benefit from their progressive web app solutions, compatible with iOS and Android devices.

FATbit Technologies has a large company size with 100+ ecommerce developers designing digital websites for industry verticals. Moreover, they follow the agile development methodology to systematically cater to their client’s projects and deliver projects in time.

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions aims to deliver creative, innovative, and functional solutions, ranking in the list of top-notch mobile app development companies in India. The leading mobile app company has an expanded domain of services in healthcare, real estate, food restaurants, social networking, ecommerce, and much more. They have a large development team size with 180 professionals working dedicatedly.

On the hand, their expert solution includes Magneto, e-commerce, Xamarin, cloud, wearable, and other hi-tech solutions to worldwide businesses.


If you are looking for an outsourcing IT service provider, OpenXcell is known for its foundation in mobile app development. The company’s core includes mobile apps, business solutions, software, ecommerce, and web development services. In additition, their 12+ years of experience in development, they have successfully 1000+ software solutions to their clients.

Their developer’s team is expert in building hi-tech applications possessing real-time responding features, chatbots. Moreover, they also help in SQA and app testing to satisfy clients with reliable solutions. Hence, hiring OpenXcell will be a good decision to avail of the complete mobile app development services.

Bottom line

In the first place before hiring a mobile application development agency, their services portfolio matters a lot. Firstly, you must go through it to see whether they provide your desired service or not. Secondly, it will lead you to find the best mobile app developer company to hire and let them to work for you.

The above-mentioned are India’s top-notch mobile app development companies, providing world-class solutions to enterprises worldwide. These companies are helping businesses with effective cross-platform apps development services to strengthen their digital presence. With over 800 million mobile users, India is emerging on the business map with its full-tech services. Hence, if you are a startup, midsize, or an experienced enterprise, India’s IT guide will be helpful to you for catering to your business requirements.

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