2022 Trends in Custom Soap Boxes You Need to Check Out

Today, product packaging is more than just the cover of the product. Many new trends emerge and develop. Products such as soap are used as everyday consumer goods. Therefore, these sensitive items require durable and excellent custom soap boxes. Along with innovation, trends in this market continue to evolve. If you are a soap brand, you surely need to check out the trends in custom printed soap boxes.

Provide a Great Customer Experience

Most of the customers rely on online shopping for almost everything. In fact, e-commerce is proven to be the best way for brands to survive the pandemic. When it comes to e-commerce packaging, providing a great customer experience is the key. Solutions that ensure the safe delivery of your items are critical to customer engagement.

What matters is not only durability, but also a great unboxing experience. On the other hand, packaging for e-commerce products requires different design elements than retail packaging. Durable, superior, time-saving and sustainable solutions are how we work nowadays.

Amongst thousands of soaps, customers are more likely to choose a soap that looks convincing. But how can customers see without buying the soap? It cannot be opened before purchasing. Indeed, it is the packaging boxes that impress them. The more attractive your printed soap boxes are, the more impressive your soaps will be to potential customers.

New Packaging Styles for Custom Printed Soap Boxes

There are many ways to package and ship items such as soaps. Different companies use different styles of custom packaging boxes. Custom packaging boxes have a variety for different respects. These different styles commonly come from experimentation. 

From the beginning of 2021, there is an increasing trend of global soap uses. This has increased the demand in the market for soaps that are well fulfilled by the soap brands. In 2022, the packaging industry is always working with soap brands to create new styles of custom printed soap boxes. For example, we will see how beautiful pillow boxes are when they wrap your soaps. Interested?

Add Some Patterns and Illustrations

The best way to tell more about your items is by adding some patterns and illustrations. After all, they add an extra touch to the packaging design. Sophisticated lines, patterns, and innovative designs help customers to understand better about your brand message. You could also choose a minimalist or iconic design. The main goal here is to convey your message or story.

Creatively communicate what your customers expect. Your boxes help you empathize with your goals by triggering certain emotions and feelings. Depending on the material you use for your soaps, you can customize the design of your custom printed soap boxes. Admit it or not, patterns are not only beautiful. Instead, they will also convey a message.

Custom Soap Boxes
Custom Soap Boxes

Choose a Design That Tells a Memorable Story About Your Brand

The customers are bored and constantly looking for something fascinating. Grab your customers’ attention by opting for custom soap boxes that tell a story. Offer your customers something fresh and exciting to stay at home. Storytelling is a way to attract more customers.

Next year will be even more remarkable. As a soap brand, you need to choose a design that tells a memorable story about your brand. Content isn’t the only way to tell or communicate a story. You could also use graphics and character demos to show the identity of your brand. These efforts would really help you to evoke positive emotions in your customers.

Window Box as One of the Most Promising Retail Packaging Styles

One of the most promising retail packaging styles this year is the window box. This style is quite popular in the market for obvious reasons. This box comes with a window shape on one or both sides of the box. Most industries prefer PVC sheets for the window. 

This window allows customers to see your beautiful soaps inside the boxes. Well, printed soap boxes with windows will still be standing tough in 2022. The best part is, they are not expensive.

Customizable and Flexible Packaging Materials

Of course, the quality of modern packaging far exceeds the quality of conventional standard packaging. This is due to the quality of the packaging material.

The most common materials used for soap packaging are cardboard and kraft. Both are customizable and flexible. These two materials will not only provide the durability of the packaging for your soap. More than that, they also allow any design, color, pattern, and detail to be applied to the boxes.

Print Attractive Information on Your Custom Soap Boxes

Printing your custom soap boxes will definitely grab your customers’ attention. In fact, customers often prefer to receive information over images and colors. Yes, today’s customers are becoming more conscious of their choices, especially after the pandemic.

This is where you should guide your customers by printing attractive information about your soap on the box. It will ultimately create a strong bond between your brand and the customers. A lot of brands are already doing this. The evocative box educates the customer. In the end, it will be easier for you to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Use Eco-Friendly Boxes

In order to meet the needs of your loyal and conscious customers, you can remove unnecessary space from your packaging boxes. Use only the materials you need for the perfect design. This reduces waste and reduces the carbon footprint of the environment. 

We are all committed to reducing the use of plastics. Therefore, we need to focus on the use of recyclable packaging. The best way to do this is to use kraft for your printed soap boxes. After all, soap is a natural product. Therefore, it should complement its function by packaging it in an eco-friendly box.

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