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4 Factors to Consider When Creating Social Media Marketing Packages

To make sure you’re on the correct route and are as competitive as possible, there are a few things you want to consider before you finalize any social media marketing packages in India and publish it online.

You should keep these four things in mind when creating your package options.

  1. Think About the Work Involved in Each Offering

    Even if it may not seem so at first, some Digital Marketing Consultant jobs need far more time than others.

    Making a content plan for an entire month sounds like extensive work, but after you get to know the customer, it may just take an hour or two each month.

    It may not sound frightening, but “community management,” whether on Groups or Pages, frequently requires much, much more work than a few hours.

    You can be asked to log in regularly, participate in both public and private conversations, and be knowledgeable about the policies of the shop as well as the products. Clients may occasionally demand a response to all messages and comments in a matter of hours, which can seriously impede your workflow.

    Think carefully about how much effort goes into each component you wish to provide in each bundle. Make sure you have the human resources to finish the job, so you don’t end up working 60 hours a month for only 35K since one of the jobs blew over your deadline.

    While the time required for jobs varies depending on what you provide and how you work, the following are often the most significant time wasters on social media:

    Producing unique graphics for every post
    Participation in the community for Groups or Pages
    PPC ad management and monitoring

  2. Consider Providing One-Time Services

    Each social media marketing company in India is unique, but they all occasionally encounter clients with significant needs that don’t fit into a monthly contract. It is especially true when a relationship is just getting started.

    For instance, new clients can require a complete social media setup where you create and populate each of their social pages. Others might want you to enhance their existing profiles. Although it is not necessary to do this every month, it is crucial if you want to build a strong foundation.

    Throughout the year, more one-time or irregular services could appear. Customers can ask you for assistance setting up and running a social media marketing competition or advertising an event. If things go beyond your usual services, having a flat charge add-on can help you make sure you can occasionally meet their needs.

    One-time services are an excellent method to provide what your customers need without hurting your bottom line by providing it for free in packages. When pitching, let clients know that these are available, and make time in your schedule to accommodate extra services from new clients each month.

  3. Consider Client-Facing Time in the Formula

    The most significant price error that freelancers in all fields make is that they solely consider their “active working hours.” It is the amount of time needed to sit down and create a social media schedule or launch a new Facebook Page, for example.

    However, while making a social media marketing package in India, you must also consider all additional costs associated with flat-rate package pricing. It includes client contacts, reporting, discussing methods, awaiting approval, and making adjustments, as well as other time-consuming administrative tasks.

    Don’t forget to factor administration and client communication work into the package pricing since you need to be making a living salary.

  4. Prioritize Limits & Boundaries

    There are essentially no restrictions on what the client can request if you simply state as a packaging offer, “I’ll design your social media content calendars,” and then move on. They are free to request four posts each day for five different platforms.

    You must establish restrictions on what can be contained in your flat-rate packaging.

    Additionally, make sure to clarify any constraints or limitations in your original pitch and your contracts. It can include restrictions on the type of work you do or even how frequently you’re available for a call; for example, you can schedule a call once a week or once a month.

How to Create SMM Packages in India Competitively

It’s crucial to find strategies to remain competitive, especially when you’re just beginning to start, given the intense competition (and abundance of competitors) in the digital marketing consultant field at the moment.

These pointers can be helpful to:

Gather as many testimonials and recommendations as you can. The best clients usually come to you through referrals, and online reviews can help you establish credibility and distinguish yourself from other digital marketing consultants in India. After working with each client for a month or so, request reviews.

Provide a fair price without selling yourself short. Competing in your market does not necessarily mean giving customers the best deal possible. Due to high-value clients’ potential misconception that “they don’t charge enough to be any good,” they may draw the wrong kind of customers. Additionally, you want to be able to scale over time.

Describe your particular experience. Do you have a team with several people who have a cumulative experience of more than ten years? Have you received a top-notch formal education, such as what we provide at Social Media College? Emphasize your unique and credible qualities.


Consider novel ideas. Want to be noticed? Go in a different direction. Consider providing specific, specialized services based on the expertise of your team. Offer branding advice and logo design services as extras if you have a graphic designer on staff. Consider setting up and providing chatbot programming to assist their customer support personnel. It’s simpler to win the deal if you can outperform your rivals.

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