5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Relationship Counseling

According to experts, relationship counseling has helped innumerable couples overcome rough patches. You don’t have to look too far to find examples of when this approach worked well – just ask anyone who’s gone through it. But what do you need to know before making that first appointment? Here are five things that can make all the difference. If you take anything away from this letter, let it be this: odds are good your relationship counseling experience will bring about positive changes for both of you.


Relationship counseling is more common than you think

According to American-Canadian therapists John Gottman, 20% of married couples end up splitting due to marital strife. Research says that many marriages don’t last for long- making use of therapy important for long term relationships. Counseling could be used as a tool in strengthening relationships by providing open lines of communication, building agreements through discussion, and figuring out how to respectfully discuss issues rather than let them escalate. Avoiding marriage counseling does nothing but hurtful potential growth towards happiness.


The reason most people seek out counseling

There are numerous reasons why someone would seek the services of a relationship counsellor. Anger, pain, and hurt are all issues that plague most relationships, regardless of how long they have been in existence. You could fix any of these with the right person’s assistance. For some, it could be a misunderstanding or miscommunication that is destroying what they once had when they opened up about it and discovered that was all there was to it. Others may want more than just advice; they may need to clear their mind so they can think clearly again before attempting to fix anything – because this person is aware that things aren’t going well at home lately but can’t figure out why.


Ways you can overcome an infidelity

One-third of humans admitted to being unfaithful in their relationships according to a recent study. If this applies to you, or someone you know; it is imperative that they seek help before the damage progresses even further. It’s difficult to tell what causes infidelity, but there are numerous options for recovery after discovering such things about your partner; here are just a few tips for how to go about regaining trust and putting the pieces back together once again.


Neglecting problems can get out of hand

If you feel like your relationship is falling apart, don’t wait around before getting professional help. Nowadays, there are many different kinds of therapists to choose from and they’re ready to offer advice and provide services tailored specifically to what you need. Read this article for five tips on deciding if therapy might be right for you.


How many couples benefit from counseling?

Statistics indicate that not many people ever go to a counselor. When kids are involved, however, those numbers increase exponentially. Still though, 28% of children from divorced or separated parents go to counselors. 41% of divorced or separated couples who have children under 18 years old will use attorneys to come up with resolutions- while 36% use them just for custody and visitation arrangements. As you can see – if you’re married most likely you’ve gone to a therapist before- which probably happened during couple’s therapy sessions- but if you’re never been married then chances are high that there was either a time where you did go for separation counseling during your divorce process (and maybe even marriage counselling)


Wrapping Up :

With online therapy as an option now, it’s easier than ever to solve your interpersonal issues. Wouldn’t you rather take advantage of the many benefits this has to offer? For example, there are times when a partner may be feeling overwhelmed or need time for themselves. Whereas online therapy would give them the opportunity to talk things out without needing face-to-face interaction! Why wait any longer? Get started with some form of counseling today by contacting us at the Center for Heart Intelligence!

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