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5 Important Skills to Become an Android Developer

Android apps connect people from different regions. Also, they are good enough to keep everyone engaged in exciting ways. It is helping us in education, business and keeping us entertained as well because mobile development is becoming one of the most popular and exciting jobs. 

So if you are interested in learning something out of the box, then this is for you. Also to become an Android developer is an excellent pick for the future. To gain knowledge about it, you need to understand the importance of programming and design.

An Android developer must build and design the application according to android app development services. To become a successful developer, you need to work on your skills a lot and apply them at the right time to get amazing output from them.

5 Important Skills to Become an Android Developer:

Here are five skills that will help you in becoming an Android developer. 

1- Develop Expertise in Java and Kotlin:

The basic and important step of development in Android is programming languages. Furthermore, try to learn and work on Android Developer Skills because this is equally important for a developer. One should be familiar with the concepts of both or at least one of them. And if you are in the middle of learning java, then you should be comfortable and confident in JDK documentation to understand parts of the different languages.

3- Knowledge of XML and SQL:

After creating an understanding of java and Kotlin, developers should be proficient in these two. XML stands for (eXtensible Markup Language). It facilitates the encoding of data internet-based applications. Features HTML coincides with XML. Therefore, it helps in exchanging information between devices that make it easy to understand.

4- Sense of UX/UI:

To enhance your Android app development user interface can go a long way. An excellent user interface will create a long-lasting impression on your user. However, android app development shares the importance of UX/UI. People mostly prefer UX/UI because it makes the application more engaging, and the app looks responsive. It improves the satisfaction of the android user and also helps you to understand your audience.

5- Use of Notifications:

Notification is the best in increasing user engagement. They show outside of the application and help a user with reminders. Therefore, this counts in android developer skills because it is easy for a user to tap on the notification to take immediate actions. Developers can customize it with different layouts, add an option of yes or no, etc. Try to make them prominent and visible enough for users. Because mobile phones have small screens, it will become hard for the user if the options are tiny and hard to handle.


Mastering android development is good for the future because of its scope. It may sound difficult for you, but if you are passionate enough about it, you can do anything. To become an Android developer, you will need great support from your team members. Also, good communication skills are required. Work hard and focus on these important points. And better to work on your skills you will be successful soon.


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