5 Irresistible Features of Cosco Treadmill that You Should Know

A treadmill is must-have fitness equipment if you are a person who likes to work out daily. Being active and healthy is a must-needed trait for today’s unpredictable world scenario. Although there are multiple treadmill producers in the world, you need to choose the best brand that fits your requirements in the best manner. One of the best-selling variants in the market is the Cosco treadmill. 

The superior quality and world-class performance attract the customers more. It comes in various models and designs for the benefit of the users. You can also get this Cosco treadmill online and get it delivered to your home. To give you more detailed information on the same, here are some of the top 5 irresistible features of the Cosco treadmill that you should know before investing in it. So, keep reading without skipping!

  • Curved running board 

The topmost attractive and irresistible feature of this treadmill is the presence of a curved running board. The tracker belt present in the inside part of the board is made of rubber and designed in a way for longer use. Made in a way to be different from the traditional treadmills, the curved running board variant will provide more grip, thereby lowering friction and reducing the generation of heat. 

The belt is driven with the help of the propelling technique without any use of the motor in the Cosco treadmill. The noise degree is also found to be very low and below the rate of 80db. The width of the curved running board is found to be around 480x1600mm, which is ideal for all people to use effectively. 

  • LED Display 

The most appealing and attractive LED display is present in most of the models of this treadmill. The screen is present on the top handle of the treadmill, so the user can effectively see the readings and values while running on the treadmill itself. The representations are clearly given out in the medium-sized letter for a better understanding of the user. 

The size of the LED display is around 7 inches and is given in blue colour. On the LED screen of the Cosco treadmill, you can see the speed, distance, time, calorie, incline, heartbeat rate, type of program, interval module, run program, fat burn, and many more. 

  • High Power motor 

For heavy and sturdy Cosco treadmill models, usually, the brand has a high-power motor to render optimized usage to the customer. The pull and exercise settings can be drastically increased with the usage of a high-power motor. The hydraulic system is also present in most of the treadmills produced by Cosco. They offer ultimate comfort and a superior workout experience to the customer. You can also get this treadmill online and get it delivered to your home. 

  • Exclusive design 

Another most important feature of the treadmill is its exclusive design. Most of the Cosco treadmill comes in deep black with a silver or metallic finish. This stylish build of the treadmill suits both the modern as well as the contemporary design of every interior. You can also get a speaker attachable USB port with a fan; most new models of the treadmill also come as foldable, which makes it much easier in terms of storage. 

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity 

A more advanced model of treadmills comes with the feature of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also use the integrated feature to connect your smart device to enjoy the music when you work out. The Wi-Fi connectivity also brings in more features, so you can browse, access calls, and more while you are in your fitness routine. These smart features make the Cosco treadmill more appealing and attractive. 

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