5 Reasons You Need to Buy SimCard for travel in 2022

SimCard for travel particularly for solo women tourists in Mexico, like me– you truly do need a Mexico SIM Card. Mexico is a fantastic country, but it’s innovation framework isn’t as advanced as some countries. So a SIM card with data is the only means to guarantee you’re connected in any way times. In this post, you’re mosting likely to find the best Mexico SIM cards, where you can obtain yours online, as well as the Top 5 reasons acquiring a Mexico SIM Card is a wise, risk-free suggestion.

4gb Telcel Mexico SIM Card

While in some nations, you can get away with jumping on complimentary public WiFi throughout community, Mexico simply isn’t there (yet!). I have actually been all over Mexico, to half the states and almost all the huge travel locations, and cost-free public WiFi has actually never ever benefited me anywhere– not also in Mexico City.

Because of this, you’ll require a Mexico SIM card with sufficient data to cover your entire journey. If you’re traveling solo, you may even intend to err on the side of caution as well as have a bit way too much data, need to you ever before find yourself in an emergency scenario.

All set to uncover all your alternatives for buying a Mexico SIM Card online? Allow’s dive in, starting with some SIM card Frequently asked questions and the best Mexico SIM card firm to make use of. Complying with that, you’ll discover just how to alter your SIM card, and 5 factors to obtain a SIM Card for Mexico.

one hand holding a tiny white sim card mexico

A SIM Card Mexico Telcel will certainly look just like this, and using Telcel gives you the very best protection throughout Mexico. Before we proceed, let’s take one second to clear what this SIM card thing in fact is! SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Component. A SIM is primarily a tiny chip on a plastic card that goes into your phone, as well as essentially “links” your phone to your phone number.


The Mexico SIM card you’ll intend to get is from Telcel. This is Mexico’s biggest mobile phone provider, so a Telcel SIM Card in Mexico will give you one of the most insurance coverage throughout the country. Keep in mind: Prior to purchasing a SIM card, call your cell business and see if you already have Mexico solution.


You can also get an AT&T Mexico SIM card or use the business Movistar. Word of caution: Movistar has to do with as suched as by customers as Spirit Airlines! They are the least expensive, as well as likewise understood to have one of the most gone down phone calls and also weakest signal– so you do get what you pay for.


Depending upon your cellular phone, you’ll require among these 3 dimensions: Chip, Microchip, or Nanochip.

Fortunately, the Telcel options featured for acquisition in this article benefit all sizes– as you can see in the image.

If you’re purchasing an additional Mexican SIM card, you’ll intend to google your phone’s specs to figure out what dimension SIM card you require to obtain.

Your Telcel SIM Card Mexico will certainly look much like this– as well as has the alternative to use it for all 3 SIM card sizes.


SIM cards in Mexico differ in price, however shouldn’t be more than $10USD. Now, this is just for the card without information, which you can additionally acquire here from With this vacant card, you will need to after that fill it with data so that the card has use– as without data, the card has no feature.

Just how much information you intend to purchase, where you purchase the data (flight terminals typically charge a lot more, as an example) and just how much each Mexico telephone company costs– will certainly all vary. As a basic approximation, considering that I just recommend utilizing Telcel, you can expect to pay regarding $15USD for 4gb.

This $15, plus the $5-10 price of the card itself, implies it’s only about $15 less than purchasing one on-line today! Doing this indicates you currently have the card in hand, and will not squander any of your priceless Mexico traveling time getting a SIM card and also establishing it up. ▶ Purchase your 4gb Telcel SIM card Mexico currently!

Acquire Your Telcel Mexico

Now that you know what a SIM card is, as well as which brand name to purchase for the best protection while in Mexico, allowed’s talk sizes so you recognize which SIM card to purchase. Before buying, you’ll 1) Wish to see if you currently have cost-free service as well as 2) if your phone’s opened.

As you can see with the Mexico SIM card prepaid alternatives above ⤴ they can be found in “GB” (gigabyte) sizes. This is the amount of data you can use prior to the card stops working. If you go out, you can constantly replenish it with more data while you remain.

RELEVANT Short Article

The majority of travelers will have ample information with this 4gb Telcel SIM, also on a 10-day Mexico journey. As you see in the figure below, most utilize this quantity in a month.

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