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5 Solar Energy Myths Busted

Solar power is slowly gaining traction in the world of energy. Lately, many cities and countries around the world have been adopting this renewable source of energy to complement the traditional grids. Given the pace of adoption of solar charge controller and solar panels, it’s not far-fetched to assume that these would gradually replace the conventional electric models.However, even with the widespread awareness, there are many myths attached to solar power that are preventing organizations from making use of them. Here are the top 5 solar energy myths busted:

Myth #1: Panels Don’t Work when it’s Cloudy

Clear, sunny days provide the perfect conditions for solar power generation. However, they aren’t completely impractical when it’s cloudy. Yes, when panels receive direct, uninterrupted sunlight, they offer peak efficiency. But it’s still possible to power up your setup even when it’s overcast. There will only be a slight dip in efficiency.

Plus, with modern solar panels, you can achieve higher efficiency even in low-light conditions. So, there’s one myth debunked for you.

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Myth #2: A Solar Charge Controller Costs More than It Actually Saves

When it comes to solar power installation, most of us tend to look at the initial costs, which are usually high. So, one can’t help but think whether it’s worth it. And going by popular belief, most people think solar panels are unreasonable.

Well, it isn’t true. When you take into account the energy they conserve over time, and the small but substantial reductions in energy bills, solar panels can provide bang for every buck. In fact, you can offset the initial cost of installation just within the first couple of years, thanks to the considerable savings panels bring to the table.

Moreover, the savings also depend on the quality of equipment you have. With Genus Innovation’s top-of-the-line genus solar inverter, panels, and solar solutions, you can ensure maximum savings at a pocket-friendly price.

Myth #3: Solar Power Is Just Isn’t There Yet

Yes, everyone’s heard about this one, which is mostly followed by people citing low-efficiency numbers of 15-20%. Although such numbers are not always incorrect, it doesn’t directly affect what end-users want.

Because solar panels these days can supply 100% of the energy demand, they can pay for themselves, and provide cleaner energy than fossil fuels. So, in a nutshell, they’re quite there in terms of usability, reasonability, and sustainability.

Myth #4: The Hotter it Is, The Better the Solar Power Efficiency

Though hot weather goes hand in hand with sunny weather, the same cannot be said for solar power efficiency. In fact, the higher the temperature, the lower the throughput. Most solar panels are rated to perform the best in a certain temperature range. This usually peaks at around 25 degrees. Anything higher than that, the efficiency starts to drop.

In fact, for each degree higher than the optimum value, solar panels lose 0.2 – 0.5% in efficiency. So, solar panels performing better at high mercury levels are definitely false.

Myth #5: You Can’t Run Heavy Loads on Solar Energy

Well, with solar power, you can run essentially any appliance. You just need to ensure that you have enough solar panels with you. For instance, 3 solar panels provide around 1kW of energy, which amounts to approximately 4 units of energy per day.

To put it into perspective, a 3-4 BHK house would require around 12-15 solar panels to ensure that all the devices and appliances receive enough power. So, it isn’t about whether or not it can power up your appliances, but whether or not you have enough solar panels to provide the juice required.

Parting Thoughts

As you can see, these 5 Solar Energy Myths Busted hold no ground in the real world. Though solar power is still in its developmental stages, it still offers a ton of benefits to commercial enterprises. From reduced power bills to helping the environment, solar power is surely the power of the future.

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