5 Steps to Write a Business Proposal

Writing business proposals is business writing at its best. A business proposal represents the business’s ability to deliver on what they promise and communicate their business value proposition (BVP).

Writing a business proposal might appear like a straightforward process: define the work required to complete an assignment, determine how much it should cost, and include additional expenses such as travel, postage, and equipment. However, business proposals require more than a simple business plan to be effective.

Business writing is something that business professionals need to do on a daily basis in order to get their ideas across, whether it’s business writing at work, business e-mails, or business reports. In this article, we’re going to talk about the business proposal writing process, business proposal structure, business proposal requirements, business proposal examples, and business proposal templates.

First Step: Understand the Business Proposal Writing Process

Writing a business proposal is no simple task. It requires analysis of your intended audience by examining their business challenges, objectives, strategies, and tactics in order to help them achieve core business goals.

The writing process typically follows these five basic steps:

  • Identifying the business problem or need;
  • Proposing business solutions;
  • Writing business analysis and validation;
  • Drafting business proposals; and
  • Arrange business presentations and formal business reviews, if necessary.

Before you begin writing, make sure you understand the requirements and business presentations.

Second Step: Understand Business Proposal Requirements

It’s important to know what they are and how to write them before you start business writing.

Generally speaking, business proposals consist of three major business components: business document, business analysis, and business plan.

Business Document includes objectives, background information, and strategy. A business document is typically used for small projects or as a way to make business presentations.

Business Analysis includes business activities, business milestone schedules, and financial budgets. Business Analysis is typically used for larger projects such as research studies, business case development, business plan updates, business presentations, and business proposals.

A business plan consists of a business mission statement, business vision statement, business goals, and corresponding business strategies that companies implement to achieve their business objectives. Business Plans typically describe what an organization is going to do or how it plans to achieve its business goals.

Writing either a business document, business analysis or business plan requires business proposal writing skills. However, business proposals require business plans most of the time.

Third Step: Five Steps to Business Proposal Writing

There are five steps to business proposal writing:

  • Define and understand the business problem;
  • Identify and list business goals;
  • Develop business strategies;
  • Determine business activities, milestones, and timelines;
  • Create the business proposal. Each business proposal contains five elements: problem statement, goals, objectives, strategies, and financial plans.

Business proposal writing is business writing at its best. It requires business proposal writers to understand business objectives, business strategies, and business requirements of their audiences in order to provide business solutions that are based on business analysis, financial forecasts using business activities and business milestones.

Fourth Step: Understand the Business Proposal Structure

A typical business proposal contains five main elements which are the business problem, business goals, business objectives, business strategies, and financial plans.

Business Problem Statement briefly describes the business challenges that an organization faces in order to provide business solutions.

Business Goals are specific business requirements of an organization in order for business solution providers to meet their business objectives. It consists of business scope or size, business strategy, business activities, business milestones, and business resources.

Business Objectives are business results for business goals. It consists of business indicators or metrics to measure business achievements, business strategies used to achieve each business objective, expected business date or time frame for business objectives achievement, and corresponding business risks that may hinder the success of achieving business objectives.

Business Strategies are specific business actions for business goals. It consists of business strategies used to achieve business objectives, business activities required to complete business strategies, business milestones that must be achieved in order to accomplish business activities, and financial budgets that need to finance business strategies.

Business Activities are specific business tasks that need to be completed in order for business goal achievement. It usually consists of business activities, business milestones that must be achieved to complete business activities, business resources required for business activities, and business time frame or the business date when the business activity will start and end.

Financial Plans are business budgets that need to be prepared along with business strategies used to achieve business objectives. It consists of financial forecasts using business activities and corresponding business deadlines.

Fifth Step: Business Proposal Writing Guidelines

Business proposal writing guidelines are requirements that writers must follow in order to write business proposals that are easy to understand, read, and business-oriented. It includes a business statement of purpose or business problem, business goals, business objectives, business strategies, and financial plans. Creating business slides which are business presentations is also business proposal writers’ responsibility. The business presentation slides should contain business information that does not appear in business proposals such as business conclusions or business recommendations.

A good business proposal includes a table of contents, executive summary, and introduction composed of the problem statement, goals and objectives, strategies used to achieve each objective, and the business solution itself. It should always include an action plan which composed of activities, business milestones for business activities, and financial plans used to finance strategies.

A good business proposal also includes business assumptions and risks regarding business solutions that discuss in business meetings or conferences with audiences.


If you want to learn more about the business proposal writing process. Or if you need help with your own business proposals, contact us. We offer professional assistance every step of the way – from understanding how to write a winning business body. And conclusion paragraphs to structuring them in an effective manner. Our team knows what it takes to get clients who are ready to buy on their feet!

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