5 Ways To Add Logo And Lettering To Your Cheer Uniforms

Are you willing to add a logo to your cheer uniform? Many teams customize their cheer and dance uniform with logo and lettering. You may be surprised to learn that there are many alternatives for logo designing! But you need to realize which logo and lettering options are ideal for you? However, the answer to this question is influenced by some of the elements. Which are:

  • Your total budget
  • level of intricacy in your team’s logo
  • The fit and size of your customized cheer uniforms or the placement of your logo

We have gathered five methods of adding a logo to customize your cheer uniforms. These methods are embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, spangles, and rhinestones. So, if you want to brand your cheer uniform, you can have a look at this article in which we will not only tell you about the methods of lettering but will also define the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

Appliques & Embroidery

In appliques, different sizes and colors of fabric are used in conjunction with embroidery- a technique that uses thread and stitching to create additional text, designs, or logos.


If you prefer a more traditional look, embroidery is the way to go! If you want to add some bling to your game day appearance with hologram/foil lettering, applique is the best option. Another reason to pick embroidery is its excellent quality and durability; many people like the higher quality look and more extended embroidered uniform.


Because of the backing placed during the manufacturing process, appliques and embroidery will not stretch readily, which can create a movement problem during the game. Also, complicated logos must often be simplified with embroidery – you will have to remove some detail or become too expensive to retain.


Heat transfer vinyl is a great alternative to embroidery for writing and logos! This soft applique is constructed of a stretchy, plastic-like substance easy to apply to most fabrics.


For making customized cheer uniforms, Vinyl is a less expensive choice which is also ideal for those uniforms that require some stretch.


Because there are fewer color options, the vinyl color is likely to differ from the rest of your customized cheer uniforms. Therefore, one-color logos are the most prevalent. Moreover, finely detailed logos are difficult to carve out of vinyl so, it is best suited for simple symbols and substantial block letters.


Sublimation is another process to add logo and lettering to cheap cheer uniforms, making them more attractive. It is the process through which graphics are created on a particular type of paper using custom dye inks. The design is then heated and pressurized for transferring it onto a white polyester fabric, infusing the color right into the fiber!


It is the most multifaceted alternative. It’s beautiful for generating a visual style and has a lot of customization options. It can be used to make a logo patch, massive graphic text, or completely cover a garment! When employing dye sublimation for your cheap cheer uniforms, you can have a wide choice of colors.


Although so many colors are available for dye sublimation, it is difficult to match other non-sublimated colored materials perfectly. Due to this, we suggest that either sublimate your entire fabric or use contrasting colors. Minor defects, blemishes, and color variations can also occur during the printing process, which can be readily camouflaged using graphic patterns and are often undetectable at a distance.

Sequin or Spangles

Spangles are threadless sequins that are heat-set to your clothing, allowing you to create a unique design. It differs from traditional sequin trims because the logo and letters may be punched into a spangled design!


It is a low-cost alternative to rhinestones.


It is challenging to cut fine detailed logos with spangles because the design is punched into circles. They are better suited for more giant letters over 2″ tall as compared to tiny lettering. Furthermore, spangles will drop down after a while.


You can make a shining logo with Rhinestones. They are faceted chunks of crystal that shine brightly under light and add maximum brilliance at a distance!


One benefit of using Rhinestones is that logos and letters can be created from a range of stone sizes and colors. It will offer the most shine to the logos on your customized cheer uniforms.


The Rhine stoning the whole design gets very expensive for teams. Thus, combining a few accent stones with embroidery is another alternative. Rhinestoned methods, like spangles, can have a “pixelated” appearance, hence avoiding complex logos.


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