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6 Mistakes When Using Home Air Purifier

Home Air purifier, from a strange name to now the object of the craze, only a few months. People suffering from smog have great expectations for air purification, which is regarded as the ultimate savior.


But, like so many other hot businesses spawned by the crisis, air cleaning faces huge challenges, from manufacturers to consumers’ perceptions. Manufacturers face harder conscience and technology, and consumer’s needs, which is the ability to learn.

home air purifier

Previous reviews have given scores to most of the products on the market, giving you a buying guide. I believe that many students who are reading this article have already added empty space to their homes, but the manual is not at ease, because I do not know:

Do you really know how to use an air purifier?


Mistake 1:

open Windows and open an empty net.

Here said the window, of course, not all the doors and Windows in the home wide open, I believe that no one will do so two things. But previous experiments in the manual have shown that air is circulating, as long as an open door, or people often come in and out, or even the air conditioning hole in your room is not tightly sealed, the effect will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the necessary prerequisite for the effective use of air cleaning is that the environment must be closed.

A lot of parents’ advice manuals say that you have to pay to buy empty classrooms, which is, of course, a good thing, but you have to make sure that the classrooms are closed, which is actually difficult to do, after all, there are always people in and out of the classroom, so the actual use of the effect is often not satisfactory.

Mistake 2:

large volumes work time.

Basically, all air cleaning has multiple wind speeds, a large number of users due to various reasons, such as afraid of machine tired (very silly and naive), save electricity or think the noise is too loud, will only use small air volume to run 4 or 5 hours, people go home to open, people go out to close, thinking that this can purify the air.

The practical result of this use is: that if the concentration outside is 300, the empty air will not be less than 200 at home. The reason is simple:

Even with closed doors and Windows, air circulates, meaning outdoor pollutants are still entering the house.

Air cleaning opens small wind speed, the amount of filtered air is not as much as the dirty air, of course, indoor AQI cannot be improved.

When people turn off their cell phones, indoor pollution concentration will rise all the time. When you come back and turn on the small gear, you can stop the rising trend of pollution at most. After 4 or 5 hours, the pollution at home drops slightly, and you turn off your cell phone again, so the pollution just oscillates at a high level and never drops.

Here’s how to use it correctly:

Recommended 24 hours boot, all reliable empty design is based on the premise of a long time boot, you don’t have to worry about it will be tired.

When the machine is just started, it is turned on to the maximum wind speed (such as gear 6), and it runs for more than one hour. Generally, the concentration of pollutants can reach a low level at this time, and then it runs for a long time at a high gear (gear 5 or 4). The current AQI in China is absolutely impossible to hold by relying on the low grade. The manual has already tried.

AQI is really good days, you can shut down to let the empty net rest.

By the way, don’t look at the empty open up movement is very big, but in fact run a day also can’t send you a few money, the average daily electricity bill for each set is certainly less than 1 yuan. Here are the approximate electric costs for several machines.

Mistake 3:

A small horse pulls a big cart

Each air purifier has a designed use area, and this design use area is calculated according to the general height of the current apartment 2.6 meters, if your room is a loft or villa, the actual use area must be doubled. And even in accordance with the height of 2.6 meters, most of the empty label of the standard applicable area, or falsely high. Please look at the table below:

Take IQ Air as an example. The official claim is that it covers an area of 80 square meters, but the measured area is only 43.2 square meters. Therefore, if your apartment is 80 square meters and you want to have a better indoor AQI on the peak day, you may want to buy two IQ Air. If the room is a classroom or loft, the height of an 80-square-meter room is more than 4 meters, which is twice the air capacity of a 2-meter-high room of the same size. Therefore, the area of air purification is 160 square meters, so at least 4 IQ Air units are needed. Well, the cost is really high.

As a result, indoor pollution levels can hardly get reduced even when the carts are in full gear 24 hours a day. At present, the manual tries to have a good effect. Each room should equip with an empty room, and a large space, such as the living room, requires two. In this way, the indoor AQI can be kept around 50 even if it is extremely high.

Mistake 4:

placement is not good

Most air filters use a fan to draw ambient air into the machine, filter it, and blow it out. At this time, the position of the empty place is very important. If you put it in the corner, or the place of the corner, which obstructs the inhalation of airflow, then its purification ability will go down. Therefore,  the best way is to put the empty net in an open place, at least 30CM around without occlusion, if replace it in the center of the room, it is better.

Mistake 5:

ignore the expiration

The filter element is the filter unit of air cleaning, which also determines the filtering ability of air cleaning to a large extent.

But no matter how good the filter element is, replace it when its life is up, otherwise, it will become a secondary pollution source.

The filtration process of the filter element is actually a process of blocking and adsorption of particles through the air stream. All filter elements will have a saturated adsorption value. Students who have pets at home often have hair on their clothes.

At this time, someone will glue the hair down with a hair roller. This sticky roller is like a filter element, and the wool is, of course, a pollutant. The roller loses its viscosity after some of the wool is stuck, so we have to tear off the used part and stick it on with the new one.

The same is true for the air filter element. If the pollutants adsorbed by it have exceeded the saturation value. it will not be able to adsorb new pollutants, and the air filter will become a lame electric fan at this time.

What’s worse, as the performance of the filter deteriorates further, the pollutants originally stuck on it will also fall off and be blown out with the airflow, forming secondary pollution.

So when should I change the filter element? Please read your empty user’s manual carefully.

Mistake 6: Fear of choking or declining indoor air quality

The first point has already said that the air net must be in a closed environment for the best effect, so many readers will worry about whether it will suffocate in a closed environment for a long time, or whether the air quality will be very poor.

Will you suffocate?

Of course not. Closed doors and Windows reduce air circulation to a great extent, but not nearly as much as a seal, so air will still circulate in a weak way. Have you ever heard of people suffocating themselves to death because they shut their doors and Windows in winter? Of course, you want to make sure that there are no new sources of pollution in your home, such as gas leaks, or unreliable air pollution that produces large amounts of ozone, which does pose a risk.

Poor air quality?

Poor air quality has nothing to do with air cleanliness. On the contrary, air cleanliness makes air quality better. The so-called poor air quality, on the one hand, is more pollutants, the other is low oxygen content.

When the doors and Windows are closed, if the house is not big and it is full of people, it does lead to an increase in carbon dioxide concentration and people will feel uncomfortable.

If your house is crowded all year round, and close the doors and Windows for 10 minutes every 2 hours, then close the Windows, and turn the air on for at least 1 to 2 hours before switching to a lower gear.

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