6 Questions that You Must Ask Your Moving Company

Relocating to a completely new place is something that many of us don’t enjoy. To solve the whole puzzle, lots of research is required. Each and every step needs to be taken with the presence of mind and most importantly have patience.

Shifting to a new place is a roller coaster ride that has ups and downs. The most important step here is to select the right packers and movers in Bhubaneswar for you. The whole process will be affected with this one step.

You can’t afford to choose any company in a hurry. One mistake that most of us do is we go by the brand name. If you too are among them, then you need to hold on and think a moment. There are various incidents where even big brands take small clients for granted.

There are several questions that you must ask your packers and movers before giving a nod to them. If you are blank and completely new to the game, then you don’t need to panic or take the stress anymore. Today, in this article, you will get the list of ten questions that you must ask moving companies.

Ask their experience

The primary question that you require to ask your moving company is how long have they been in this industry. Are they experienced ones or just beginners? Even if they say that they are experienced, you must ask for the records of their past clients. If they easily provide you with the details, then that is a sign that they have happy and satisfied customers.

If they deny, then you must take hints from there and do not hire them at any cost. Even if they provide you numbers, must talk to them and take their reviews. If everything goes well, hire them.

Ask for the documentation of their license

The most prominent way to know the reliability of any company is to verify its license. As we know, the government of India doesn’t provide licenses to any company without proper verification. Just to save a few amounts of money, people fall into the trap and pick the unlicensed one for the move.

But this practice is completely wrong, and you must avoid it. Can you wonder about losing your favorite item just because of your carelessness? Hence, no matter how many companies you need to research, go for the licensed ones always.

What types of moving estimates your company offers?

The two most common estimates provided by moving companies are binding and non-binding estimates.

A binding estimate means that the price mentioned in an estimate is the amount you pay, even if they end up being unforeseen extra costs.

A non-binding estimate means that the price you ultimately pay will probably end up being different from the estimated price movers told you at the beginning.

Are there any hidden charges?

There are various factors upon which a moving company charges are based on. From the weight of the goods to the cost of labor, everything determines the packers and movers rates of the move. Ask about the services they are including in the package and what you will be charged extra for.

There are many incidents where the packers charge a higher amount later. At the initials, they say something else but once the goods are loaded and packed and customers are left with no options, they hike the amount. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ask about the payment-related issues and have everything on paper. By this, they will not be able to change the amount or add any hidden charges.

Do you check the background of your employees?

No matter which company you hire, the physical work will be done by the workers, right? So, one who will do the task must not be with any criminal background. Laborers are the ones, who will enter your house for all the packing and loading works.

Hence, the company should check the backgrounds of their employees, as they can’t put the lives of their customers at risk. This is also important for the safety of the goods as well. Before hiring any company, don’t skip this major question.

Does your moving company provide insurance?

This is the most important question, for sure. While you are hiring any moving company, you must ask for the claim process. Although many of the companies do provide complete insurance, still you need to ask for being sure from your end.

While the goods are moving from one place to another, there are various fragile items that might get damaged. But if the move is completely insured, then stress from your side ends.


These were some important questions that you must ask your moving company before hiring them. Doing so will help in easing your whole stress of moving. Give some time in proper research and choose wisely. Good luck with your move!!!!

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