6 Stunning outfit combinations that are available with Joggers for Men

Jogger track pants these days have transitioned from sportswear only, to something that can be worn out and about. With the introduction of athleisure fashion, more and more guys will be seen ditching the jeans in favor of more comfortable jogging pants.

Wearing formal clothing might look great but, on some days, you do not feel like putting in so much of an effort. The good news is jogger track pants have never been more popular. And the comfort factor is definitely the thing that reigns supreme when it comes to them. So, looking cooler has never been easier than what you can achieve with some slim-fit joggers for men.


With the top brands like Balmain, Adidas, and more are joining in on the jogging pants trend, the options in a look that you can put together are plenty.

Although jogger track pants will never replace trousers or chinos for the modish environments, at Alstyle, we’re going to go through how to wear joggers for men with a dash of style.

So, here are the top 6 outfit combinations that are perfect to add to your everyday looks. You can always go-ahead to set your own trend and add more to the following list.

The Basic Tee-shirt Pairing

As a fundamental rule, jogging pants look the best when paired with a Tee-shirt. We think well-fitted stripped or solid-coloured tees would work great with jogging pants. On the flip side, if you’re wearing light-colored joggers, wear a dark t-shirt to avoid your look being too boring. This is if you are aiming for a clean and polished look for a day out.

But if you’re aiming for more of a cool vibe, jogger pants look best with an untucked tee-shirt accessorized with some converse shoes, a baseball cap, and big hoops.

And as we know, one can never go wrong with a basic white t-shirt. Thus, you can always opt for a monotone look with dark joggers for men and a white t-shirt. You can accessorize it as and if you want but the look is stylish enough all by itself.

Athleisure Using Jogging pants

Jogging pants is a style to appear casual and relax but pairing them with the right track jacket will make a perfect street style outfit.

The humble jacket is cool once again and waiting to be paired with your jogger track pants. Playing up the overall sportswear appeal of your outfit, a track jacket and jogger combination carries a seriously athletic vibe and can be styled up with additional outerwear.

To keep the look more polished than your loungewear, opt for stylish sneakers, boots, or structured items. By having a good pair of stylish trainers on hand as your go-to footwear for when you’re wearing your favourite jogging pants you have a very contemporary athleisure outfit.


Jogging pants have become a key wardrobe essential and you can go for multiple layering options to mix up your look. While a sweatshirt and joggers may be your go-to look for lazing on the couch, it can also be a seriously stylish streetwear outfit. We suggest to keep the look more polished than your loungewear by opting for stylish sneakers or boots.

For some more structure, a denim jacket is a fantastic outerwear choice to accompany joggers. To ramp up your look select a contrast color shoe such as boat shoes or loafers. This is essential to finish off your outfit.

Go formal

Casual is, of course, the natural way to wear joggers but no one can deny the appeal of wearing your slim fit joggers at formal events. They can easily be amped up to smart casual with the wardrobing option to dress up or down with items such as a dress shirt or blazer.

Adding a blazer on jogging pants gives a part polished, part relaxed, the unique combination creates a striking appearance. To make the look work, keep your color palette dark or neutral and opt for a less structured blazer. Wearing formal shoes can be tricky to get right but they are worth the look.

Jackets and joggers for men

If you’re not a fan of the denim on men joggers look, Jogger track pants are surprisingly versatile and look good with your classic biker jacket. Mixing the soft and comfortable sportswear pants with a tough, leather jacket provides a modern, dashing look.

Another fit idea is adding the bomber jacket. A bomber is one of the most popular jacket styles dominating the streets and a must-have item for your wardrobe. Not only does its cropped length allow you to show off your joggers but it’s also the ideal jacket to wear with them.

Shirt + Joggers

Wearing a shirt with joggers is becoming much more popular these days, and provides an indie-chic look. In a casual situation, opt for a short-sleeved shirt with plimsolls or trainers. Choosing a patterned shirt is a great choice as it will draw attention to your upper half; distracting people from the fact you’re wearing joggers.

If you want to look even smarter, pair a long-sleeved shirt with dark joggers and boat shoes. A neat, long-sleeved shirt is a great option. Then with the addition of a blazer, you can elevate your look from weekend casual to semi-smart attire suitable for almost anything.


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