7 Features of stratus-io: Employee and Guest Check-In on Windows PCs Makes Easy

The sign-in sheet, a piece of paper typically maintained on a clipboard or in a binder at the front desk, is the archaic version of an employee control system. A visitor should record their name, the person they are coming to see, and the time when they arrive. A new Check-in sheet for the next 10 or so guests emerges on the clipboard when the previous one is eventually filed away or destroyed. It’s not an effective visitor management system, and it’s not green.

To upgrade this check-in system, Organizations can regulate who gets access to their property by using visitor tracking software. The Headcount Management streamlines administrative procedures, makes the workplace safe for employees, and is simple to operate. Companies employ management software, a digital system, to register and keep track of every employee and guest who enters their buildings. An employee check-in management system’s effectiveness, security, and personalization improve the entire visitor experience. The on-site check-in method you like is now accessible on Windows PCs! Utilize your tablet, laptop, desktop, or workstation for convenience to connect scanners, manually search personnel, and more.

Working with the best headcount management software, you have access to our latest technology, software, and expertise. We give you the time, energy, and resources to grow your business in an environment where you can be fully focused on doing what matters most.

Android and iOS smartphones can access Time and Attendance through the app store. Additionally, now accessible on Windows is stratus-io. Your company can utilize Windows to access the essential functionality you’ve used on iOS and Android.

7 best features of stratus-io for employee and guest check-In:

Event Selections

Planning, organizing, and strategizing are all important parts of any event, but ultimately, what happens on the day counts. Your preparation is about to pay off. If there are multiple events available, you can choose which event staff will use for verification, just like the app on Android and iOS.

Headcount Management

Custom Prompts

The Windows app is perfect for you if your events currently use custom prompts to gather additional data at check-in. You can ask people questions, get them to sign a confidentiality or consent agreement, or collect health information. The stratus-io will support your business’s attendance policies for the Windows app.

Do you wish to use custom prompts but don’t currently? Get in touch with your designated Cloud-In-Hand® Solutions Platform specialist for additional information.

Emergency Events

A crisis could arise at any time. Regardless of the problem, this software enables safety teams to act more quickly, communicate with employees more immediately, and better manage crises.

Moreover, your phone will accompany you outside in an emergency. Therefore, creating an emergency event is not possible using the Windows program. If You require this? You can go for stratus-io software.

Check-In Methods

Manual search check-in is supported by stratus-io for Windows. Connect compatible check-in accessories, including scanners from the Scanfob® and idChamp® brands. Use the multi-select method to check attendance. In essence, you will check in staff, and guests like you did on Android or iOS.

Headcount Management

Check Attendance

Using the check attendance feature, you may see who has checked in or out for the day. Individuals can be checked in or out from this menu by clicking on them to view information about them, such as their phone numbers.

Event and New Person Creation

Users of the stratus-io for Windows program can add roster members or events via the app itself. The web gateway also makes it simple to accomplish this via a browser.

Cross-Platform Syncing

You may quickly launch the app on your emergency Android or iOS device and keep track of people. Your phone and Windows app automatically sync any data you have collected. You can easily find out who needs to check in at your safety points by simply logging in on your phone or tablet.

The Final Thought

Check-in/check-out software can be quite useful for business management. For managing attendance and emergencies, some organizations use emergency evacuation software. It may occur within a single structure or at numerous dispersed branches and workplaces. To streamline and manage the process, picking the appropriate software is essential. Contact us to find out how stratus-io can support your organization’s needs and workflow.

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