7 Popular Sympathy Flowers And Their Meanings

Receiving some sad news from the people you love can be so devastating. Some people do not even know how to react, and they struggle to express their grief. So, do you pick up the phone and say sorry for your loss, or do you show up with sympathy flowers? That can be a great way to show that you’ve been thoughtful enough to purchase blooms that have that meaning. 

Giving flowers has a way of warming people’s hearts and is one of the most remarkable ways to send your message. Even without your presence, it has such a significant impact. 

Now that you know that, do you know the various flowers ideal for sending condolences? While most people will call their florists and ask for this information, sometimes you have to get them from a grocery store where you do self-service. So, it’s prudent to learn which are these.

Sympathy Flowers

Before you send the sympathy flowers, you must first decide the color and the type of presentation arrangement you need. 

You could use a standing spray, wreaths, hearts, crosses, a bouquet, or a flowering plant.

What Sympathy Flower Color represent

Blue flowers– these stand for sadness, peace, and sympathy. 

White flowers– these usually represent reverence, purity, elegance, and eternal love.

Orange flowers– orange is for enthusiasm, joy, and warmth.

The purple flowers-these color shows sympathy, sorrow, respect, and admiration.

Yellow flowers-these represent warmth, hope, and friendship.

Pink flowers-beautiful pink color signifies innocence, grace, and compassion.

Green flowers-these stands for nature, wellness, and renewal.

Common Sympathy Flowers

The natural beauty of sympathy flowers is thought to lessen the emotional burden associated with the visual imagery of funerals. Apart from the seven mentioned popular blooms, there are more options you can also use below. 

1. Peace Lilies

These plants express your deepest sympathy. It has glossy green leaves and white blooms. It’s an ideal gift for families who’ve lost their loved ones, especially if the deceased loved plants. Since it’s not likely to wither, this helps to keep the memories as you water them. The peace lily is one of the delightful and comforting gifts with unspoken words of hope. 

2. White Flowers

The white blooms represent peace, and these are the most ideal for showing compassion and sympathy. Whether you want a particular flower like rose, carnations, daisies, or more, you can use that. But you can also mix them in one color. 

3. Carnations

Most people know that white carnations are the only color ideal for sympathy flowers. But all the hues from this can also signify sympathy and grief. Below are what each color of carnation represents:

  • Red-admiration and love.
  • Pink-remembrance.
  • White- innocence and love.

4. Roses

While the rose is a classic and the most popular flower, different colors have a specific meaning. For instance, white represents purity and innocence; pink is for gratitude, yellow for friendship, and peach for sincerity and appreciation. However, all these colors are ideal for showing compassion and sorrow for the grieving family. 

5. Hyacinth

One of the appropriate flowers for a funeral setting is a purple hyacinth. That’s because it symbolizes sorrow and regret. While the whole essence of flowers is to lift the spirit of mourners, acknowledging the grief situation is also okay and accepting the reality of the family’s grief.  

6. Lilies

Lily is a beautiful lovely flower with various colors that each signifies something. But, all lilies, which usually bloom in summer, are believed by Christians as a symbol of renewal and rebirth. And with this belief, lilies become a powerful symbol of the spirit of a loved one. And it can offer the grieving family members encouragement and hope needed. While all the colors of lilies are ideal for this moment, the white hue carries the best message as it’s associated with purity and youth. It can be the best choice for someone’s funeral that has died young. 

7. Mixed Sympathy Flowers

One of the perfect gifts to show you’re thinking to a family that has lost one of their own is sending a sympathy flowers basket. You can ask your florist to make a lovely presentation of white and blue flowers, including a ribbon. The best blooms to add here are the white roses, white carnations, white daisies, blue delphinium, and snapdragons.

Other Sympathy Flowers Include:

  • Daisies: peace and hope.
  • Snapdragons: strength and graciousness.
  • Lavender: purity, grace, and devotion.
  • Tulips: love, peace, and hope.
  • Gladiolus: strength and integrity.
  • Calla lilies: believed to represent resurrection and rebirth.
  • Yellow lilies-thankfulness.
  • Iris flowers symbolize faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration.
  • Orchids are for love, hope, peace, and courage.


The beauty of flowers is that they deliver the intended message even if you can’t physically be there. Though white and blue are the perfect flower colors that symbolize sorrow, you can use any other color that the bereaved loved. Sending  is not only a tasteful way of showing your heartfelt compassion and support to the mourners, but they also express your sincere condolences sweetly and thoughtfully.  

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