7 Reasons Why You Should VPS Hosting For Your Website

VPS hosting India has become the first choice of website owners all over the world. Especially for small and medium size businesses VPS hosting has proven to be quite effective and reliable.

The reason most of the businesses prefer VPS hosting is because of the wide variety of features it offers at an affordable price. It is certainly better than shared hosting, and it is quite similar to dedicated hosting.

In order to ensure the success of your business you must focus on improving every aspect of your website. The server plays a crucial role in the success of your website. The poor performance of your server can eventually affect the performance of your website.

In this article we will discuss how VPS can help your business grow and reach its fullest potential. So let us begin.

What is VPS?

In VPS a physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual servers through the process of virtualization. It is a combination of both shared and dedicated hosting, since all the users are sharing the same physical server but each of them are getting dedicated resources.

However all the virtual servers remain in complete isolation from each other which means the performance of your website will not get affected by the activities of the other user on the physical server.

7 Benefits of A VPS Hosting for your Business Website


As a small business your website will gradually start receiving more traffic, and eventually you will be in need of some additional resources. This is the reason why most of the website owners look for a better hosting solution that can easily accommodate the growing number of traffic.

In shared hosting users have access to a limited set of resources which might not be sufficient to keep up with the rise in demand. However, in VPS users have the ability to easily scale their resources to ensure that your website continues to perform well. In VPS hosting India users can easily upgrade their hosting plan without having to worry about any downtime.

Complete Control of the Server

One of the most attractive features that VPS has to offer is the complete root access to the server. This means you have complete control of the hosting environment, and you can make necessary changes as per your requirement. In VPS hosting users can install the software of their preference without having to get in touch with their hosting service provider. In shared hosting users don’t have the liberty to make changes as per their requirement, since the hosting environment is controlled by the host.

So if you are looking for a hosting solution that allows you to make changes in the hosting environment then VPS is the best hosting solution for your website.

Improved Performance

As mentioned earlier in VPS each server remains in complete isolation from each other which means the performance of your website remains unaffected by the activities of the other users on the same physical server. In shared hosing users have to share the same server. Due to the lack of resources they might face performance related issues.

In shared hosting if your website starts to receive huge amounts of traffic then the loading speed of your website might slow down. In VPS hosting you won’t have to worry about slow loading speed as you can scale up your resources to make sure that your website loads faster.

Multiple Domains Hosting

Most of the companies nowadays own more than one website. In shared hosting you might find it a bit difficult to manage multiple websites since you have a limited set of resources. The more websites you have the more difficulties you will come across in a shared environment.

VPS hosting can easily handle multiple domains without any performance related issues.

Lower Cost

Earlier most of the companies preferred shared hosting since it was more affordable. However, as the number of websites have increased so has the number of hosting service providers. This rise in demand has significantly reduced the cost of hosting making it more affordable for website owners. Nowadays, VPS hosting is available at an affordable price so businesses no longer have to worry about investing huge sums of money in hosting.

Fully Managed Service

Most of the hosting service providers offer managed VPS hosting where they handle all the hosting related concerns on their own. So if you don’t possess the necessary technical skills to manage your hosting platform then you can always go for VPS managed hosting. The host will make sure that your hosting platform is up-to-date and secured.

24/7 Technical Support

Last but not the least the most important feature of VPS hosting is the round the clock customer support. In case you are facing any issue with your hosting platform you can always get in touch with the support staff, and they will assist you with your hosting related concerns.


VPS is an affordable hosting solution for small businesses that are looking for cost-effective hosting solutions for their website. It offers a great deal of flexibility, reliability and scalability for the users. If you choose managed VPS hosting then you no longer have to worry about any hosting related concerns. On top of that you will always have 24/7 customer support for any hosting related concerns. You can also choose Windows Cloud Server if you have used the Windows operating system in the past. 

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