8 Signs your website need redesigning

To maintain its standing as your best marketing and sales tool, your website must be able to adapt and grow. In today’s highly competitive market technological standards, design standards and business trends evolve very quickly. If it does not, your conversion rate may decrease, traffic could decline or, if it gets worse you could lose potential customers to your competition. Your website needs to satisfy the various requirements that you and your visitors must meet. If you can tell that you’re not meeting those requirements, then it’s time to consider custom web creation services. Yuri Shafranik

The main issue is when is the best time to revamp your website? How do you know whether your website requires an overhaul? Here are some signs that indicate that your site may need a complete revamp.

1. Rate of high bounce:

The analytics of your website tells you more than just how visitors browse your site. They also tell you if you need to improve the design of your site. Google defines Bounce Rate in terms of this: the number of users who abandon the page they landed on, but do not engage on a single aspect of the website. Yuri Shafranik

For example, a user landed on your website after scrolling for a few seconds and then quit without clicking even a single link. There are a variety of factors that cause users to leave your website could including slow site speed, poorly written material or incomplete, bad UX/UI design the list of reasons is endless. Look over the analytics of your website to determine the most popular web pages, and then look at the bounce rate of every page and the bounce rate for your entire site. Google Analytics is one of the best tools available to businesses to gather this kind of data.

A high bounce rate on the page is a sign that the page isn’t as enjoyable as it ought to be. They are therefore the most favored candidates to be redesigned singularly: A simple twist could be all they require.

2. Slow Loading Time:

Websites are expected to be able to load in under three seconds, and will often bounce if the website takes longer to load. This is not just affecting the UI or conversion rate of websites but it also reduces loading times and can negatively impact the rankings of search engines. According to Google its algorithms, rank websites with quicker loading times over pages with slower loading speeds.

There are numerous online tools to aid you in determining the page loading speed of your site and reveal the problems that your website may be facing. Many issues can be addressed in a matter of minutes however, what happens if your website is old or was built using an outdated platform? It is essential to overhaul the site to ensure the best user experience for your customers as well as the results you can expect for your company.

3. Not mobile-friendly:

Since the advent of phones, the number of users is increasing rapidly, almost every day. 52% of all global internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Nearly 60 percent of Google searches are conducted on smartphones and mobile phones. If your website isn’t very or not at all mobile-friendly, it could provide an unsatisfactory experience to users on a variety of devices that have different sizes of screens. This can result in the loss of potential customers.

Google provides a simple mobile-friendly tool that allows users to check how your site performs on smaller devices such as smartphones, tablets, and so on. This tool will tell you how long it loads on a phone. It will also provide you with the expected percent of loss in visitors that you could experience due to the loading speed.

4. It was created using an older technology:

Did you know that there’s a compelling reason to update your website every five years? Why? Technology is constantly changing and quickly, it is essential to follow the most effective methods and SEO strategies, it is essential to keep up with the technological changes. If you are unable to update and manage a website yourself for the majority all the time, then you have an interest in a fresh website that is built with an easy-to-use CMS. It shouldn’t be a burden to update and manage by yourself.

Furthermore, if your site was developed with the help of Flash technology. It won’t work with the most modern web browsers such as Google Chrome. It’s an old technology for web browsing, and that’s why Google along with Adobe have stopped using it as of 2020.

5. Your brand is not as modern:

Your branding and marketing must be consistent across all interactions. If the branding for an online site is outdated and outdated, it’s the indicator of a change. If your company is offering something new, changing your brand or taking another direction is the most effective option. With custom-designed website development services, you ensure that your brand, product. Or service portrays in a way that customers won’t be able to react and may take various actions. Responsive Web Development Services can elevate your brand’s image to the next level. But you’ll only be able to advertise it and draw customers to it when it’s compatible with your business. Also, demonstrates the work you’ve done and you’re proud of the work you’ve done.

6. Your site is not secure. Security:

In the present, we live in a world of data security that requires users to decide if the sites they’re visiting or even purchasing from are secure. By ignoring a security measure such as being SSL certified website can impact your site’s conversion rate and website’s performance. It’s possible to lose business as well as customers to your site if it rejects due to a non-secure message. To succeed you need to be up-to-date by acquiring SSL certificates. Also, other validations to ensure that people know your business is secure.

7. Your site isn’t user-friendly

The interaction of users (UI) and User Experience (UX) are essential for a website’s development. It may seem easy in concept, but in reality, many websites fall short. To provide an exceptional experience, it is essential to provide an easy navigation process, useful. Also, entertaining content, as well a clear call-to-action, as well as an appealing and clean layout. Making your user experience more enjoyable creates trust. Gives you more ROI from your marketing expenditures, and can help you gain more conversions.

8. Search Engine Optimizing and Site update:

Redesigning your website can help improve the structure, code and improve its performance by making it more SEO-friendly. If you don’t update your website shortly, it will likely fall in the search engine rankings. Search engines consider sites with fresh content as being most relevant to Internet users. Your website’s content might look shiny however if it’s identical to what it was just 6-7 years ago. Search engine crawlers won’t think that it’s as relevant. This redevelopment allows you to think about your search engine optimization strategy as well as the efficiency of your site’s conversion rates.


If you’ve now seen all the signs we discussed above and you should be aware of whether your website requires a re-design. One of the most important factors for online success is to have an up-to-date, contemporary, and user-friendly website. At 8therate we’re a top Custom Web Development Company that works with our clients to establish their online presence from the start. As we do this we assist businesses who have a website to improve. Also, improve their existing websites using Web Design and Development Services that enhance their brand image to provide real business results.

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