A day in the life of an engineering consultant | Lahore [PK]

What does an Engineering Consultant actually do?

Customers and students alike often ask us this question.

To help set the record straight the team at MM Pakistan have pieced together a timeline detailing a typical day in the life of Engineering Consultants in Lahore.

Engineering Consultants in Lahore plan and develop a wide range of client projects based on their experience and technical expertise. They do, however, work closely with clients on-site to guarantee that service delivery is effective and that the finished product is of the greatest quality.

At a multi-disciplinary engineering consultant agency, no two days are same. Continue reading to see how a normal day goes…

e-mails, meetings, and design work in the morning


It’s the first day of the week. With a cup of coffee in hand, the day begins early. When you get at the workplace, there is usually a backlog of emails to sort through. Most days start and end with answering emails from clients and project managers.


Emails are frequently followed by a meeting with the project manager of a new construction project you’re working on. During the meeting, a project timetable and schedule are created, as well as any hazards that may arise along the route. Following the meeting, you deliver a progress report to the rest of the design team and notify them of any project adjustments that need to be made.


You then contact potential new clients to set up meetings and offer status updates.



You execute a number of beam design calculations and produce finished designs for a variety of projects after your morning meeting and catch-up calls.


Your next appointment is with the computer-aided design (CAD) operator. You pass over the specifics of what needs to be included in a variety of designs and spend time discussing a design timetable, setting a number of deadlines along the way.

In the afternoon, go on a site visit.


You grab a bite to eat on the way to the construction site, arriving just in time for your weekly on-site inspection. A project that you previously assisted in the design is being built here.


You meet with the project manager to discuss the project’s status and any issues that have occurred during construction. It’ll be time to move on to building site #2 for another scheduled meeting before you realize it.

Late Afternoon


You get a cup of coffee on your way to construction site #2 to get you through the day.


You have a quick discussion with the principal designer when you arrive to discuss any health and safety issues that could delay the project’s completion. After that, you contact the project manager for a status update and to discuss a problem with the reinforced concrete beams. The problem turns out to be small, and you exhale a sigh of relief.


Back at the office, you’ll have your final meeting of the day with your line manager. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the status of the projects you’re in charge of. Client satisfaction is paramount, thus open lines of communication between you, your clients, and the rest of the team are essential.

End of Day


Before leaving the office, you spend most of your time catching up on emails. Whether it’s a client emailing to confirm your next appointment or a CAD officer with a question about a specific drawing, emptying your inbox is a primary concern.


You notice the time – 6 p.m. – as you drag your eyes away from the screen. It’s well past closing time, and you’re considering putting your job on hold and putting on your coat.

You rapidly realize that you have another stack of tasks to face the next day, satisfied and feeling accomplished. As previously said, at a busy, multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy, no two days are ever the same.

The Functions of an Engineering Consultancy

To provide a high level of service to their clients, engineering consultancies rely on talented employees. Each member of the team specializes in a variety of fields and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Feeling inspired? Why not make it happen?

A career in engineering is both hard and rewarding, with a wide range of professions to select from. Roles of Engineering Consultants in Lahore typical include:

  • Budgeting, negotiating expenses, and ensuring that a project goes well from start to completion are all responsibilities of the project manager.
  • Engineers that specialize in the technological and mechanical aspects of engineering are known as technologists.
  • Planners – play an important role in the early stages of project development.
  • CAD Operators — use computer-aided design (CAD) to create drawings and blueprints.
  • Surveyors oversee identifying and measuring land plots for construction projects.
  • Junior Engineers – provide design and project support to the senior engineers in the team.

There are several ways to get in. Typically, you’ll require a bachelor’s degree in a related field, but apprenticeships are still an alternative. It is necessary to make a commitment to continued professional development (CPD).

For most engineering companies in Lahore, experience is equally as important as a comprehensive technical skill base, if not more so. Summer internships are a fantastic way to obtain practical experience.

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