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A Glance at the Vital Benefits Offered by SharePoint HR Solutions

HR management is essential to the smooth running of an organization. From developing different training modules to shaping an enterprise’s culture, you can’t overlook the importance of HR operations. Manual management can be a tough task during peak periods, and if you overburden the team, it can lead to some severe mistakes and delays. For better operations management, one of the best options available on the market right now is Microsoft SharePoint HR solutions Management.

The Need for SharePoint HR Management

One of the best features of MS SharePoint is its customization. HR teams can assess their needs and customize the platform conveniently in order to contribute towards overall growth and fast-track operations. Following are the few areas where HR teams can enhance their performance dramatically with the help of Microsoft SharePoint HR solutions.


SharePoint makes the application review process and hiring simple and convenient for HR teams. Manual review needs the HR to thoroughly go through applications individually, which can be time-consuming and burdensome. SharePoint offers a search option, thus enabling an easy review process.

The HR teams can efficiently perform the searches by making a checklist and can shortlist the best candidates.


One of the amazing advantages that you get from SharePoint is that it is the best resource for generating reports. HR can generate a maximum benefit of their onboarding operations using this platform, including report generation, reminders set up, insight collection, and automatic email generations.

Operation Management

Another tool HR can use to transform their operations is the SharePoint document management system. With SharePoint, teams can easily track all the changes made within employee files, and in case of any accidental changes, they can restore these files to their previous versions.

In addition, as all documents are encrypted, HR can control the access easily and protect employees’ personal data.


Evaluation becomes way easier when you integrate SharePoint with HR. Teams can provide performance-related feedback, assess employee knowledge after learning and training sessions, and generate reports on completed projects and operations.

Compliance Management

Compliance management is one of the major benefits of SharePoint. It helps the teams to track whether the employee and product protocol comply with the industry and country laws and regulations or not. With its new and innovative dashboard, HRs can conveniently set up compliance learning and training sessions.

Steps to Set Up SharePoint for HR Solutions

SharePoint offers enormous benefits when used for HR solutions. But the real challenge here is to optimize the SharePoint in such a way that it matches your HR-specific needs. Customizing SharePoint according to your requirements leads to better management of workflow and improved productivity.

Here are some simple steps to create a reliable HR site on SharePoint:

Choose the Right Template

Choosing the right template for your specific needs is the first step in building a complete and perfect site. You have two options to choose from; Communication Site and Team Site. A Communication Site is a much better option when it comes to collaboration tools and visuals.

Decide What Kind of Content You Want to Share

The next step is to decide what type of content you want to share with your staff. In general, sections including policies, employee resources, announcements, learning reserves, and upcoming events are the essentials for an HR site.

Transcribe HR Requirements into SharePoint Functionalities

The next step is to customize the parts of the site according to your needs. Different sections such as company policies, links to external websites, and upcoming events can have different site requirements.

Set Up the Site

After everything is ready, it is time to layout the site. Before doing so, the best thing is to read the customization guidelines and SharePoint migration best practices to make sure that the site will work best after its launch.

Make It Secure

Before making the site accessible for the employees, it is crucial to ensure security. Before launching the site, ensure to invest in reliable security protocols and firewalls.  Also, make sure you control access so that no outsider can access the sensitive data of your employees.


Once you are done with creating and launching the site, the next step is to promote it. There are numerous ways to do so. You can add the site to reliable hubs that are available online or use email. If your organization is already added in different groups such as Yammer, you can do link building on it.


SharePoint is a versatile platform that you can customize according to your requirements. You can use SharePoint Human Resources Management System to update employees easily about policy changes, manage the recruitment process conveniently, simplify the employee onboarding process, manage leaves and attendances, and securely store personal information.

If you fully want to leverage the benefits of SharePoint HR Solutions, you would need to consult a vendor such as Xavor Corporation. Xavor has years of expertise on the platform and helps you customize the platform according to your business requirements.

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