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A Guide To Search Engine Marketing (SEM) In 2021

The process of internet marketing to a target audience through paid search adverts is referred to as search engine marketing. This is also known as pay-per-click, and it aids in increasing visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs).

It focuses on the successful use of keywords and marketing tools along with other advertising activities, in addition to paid ads.

Applying such marketing expertise might be considered a skill. SEM works by persuading readers to choose you from a selection of searches in which they have expressed interest.

However, if you look closely at the contents, you’ll notice that it has numerous branches.

How to create an effective SEM strategy?

Let’s look into some effective search engine marketing practices that can help to boost leads and increase conversion rates.

Focus on conversion rates

This is not surprising that digital marketers tend to work on optimizing website leads by focusing on keywords selection and ad groups. All these steps are to generate maximum clicks.

However, what is the conversion rate once the viewer has clicked? Well, this is where a wise SEM campaign should know how to work. 

Mostly every SEM campaign works in two halves:

The pre-click stage

This is the stage where a viewer enters the query in the search engine bar and sees your ad.

The post-click stage

When the customer converts or sometimes doesn’t, on the landing page.

Most digital advertisers do not tend to focus on the post-stage click, and perhaps, this makes the conversion ratio quite low. However, a good SEM strategy should consist of paying attention to customer conversion rates.

After all, the ultimate goal is to attain paying customers, not just window shopping.

Keyword selection

Focusing on the conversion rates doesn’t mean you should not pay attention to the right and intent keywords that generate traffic. Your list of goals should include the wise use of keywords to target high ranking in search engines.

Long-tail keywords

This is a fact that using specific words can be more relevant and prove to be rapid for increasing clicks. However, sometimes a long detail than expected can help to be a bonus in increasing traffic.

For instance, someone looking for an “HD portable projector” is more eager to purchase than someone searching for a “computer projector”.

Perhaps, targeting specific keywords or opting for long-tail, depends on the situation. Try to be selective that results in a reduction of cost per click.

Target audience

SEM experts often tend to follow a formula-based approach through marketing tactics such as dynamic key insertion (DKI). This approach helps the advertiser to easily create specific and targeted ads in volume.

However, from a recent survey, customers prefer a personalized ad experience rather than a systemic approach. Therefore, businesses should be careful when planning and designing ads.

A target audience is key to your business. You cannot avoid their needs and expectations. The following data can help to segment your target audience:

  • Demographic
  • Psychographic
  • Firmographic
  • Geographic
  • Behavioral
  • Transactional

Conversion-oriented website

The landing page is where the second journey starts to convert the leads. Once your advertisement has persuaded the customer to click on it, your landing page will play its role to cover the rest.

Perhaps, the websites should be user-friendly and attractive. Let’s look into some conversion-related designs that can be a helping hand.

A clear message in the headline

Your headline should be clear and precise in terms of presenting the intention of selling.


To direct the user’s attention in the desired sequence, employ size, space, contrast, position, and proximity.

Color selection

Choose your colors wisely that pops attention for the viewers.

Use simple forms

Try to use simple, easy, and correct forms with proper labels.

Helping media

Take help of videos and images that support the message delivery without distracting customers.

Keep testing and optimizing

Reviewing and analyzing progress is a key element to any work. Similarly, it is essential to keep reviewing your post-click landing page so you can improvise with time.

Following testing techniques can be used:

A/B testing

This is a marketing tool that allows users to evaluate winning visual/textual advertising concepts. You can compare the results of two headlines or descriptions to see which one piques the audience’s interest the most.

Multivariate testing

This tool compares the effects of changes to numerous page elements to see how they interact. For instance, you may test eight different page variants by testing two different page headers, two header pictures, and two starting paragraphs.

The benefit of SEM to business

Since we have discussed the effective way of creating an SEM strategy. Let’s figure out the benefits it can bring to a business.

Affordable and fast

Every business can use the campaign as per their desired budget. It is a flexible investment that can provide rapid results.

Brand awareness

Use of SEM strategy provides the visibility of the brand more quickly than using other techniques, thus customers tend to view your brand more often.

Provide an edge over competitors

One of the reasons why SEM is preferable is that you can directly target the keywords that are related to your competitors. This provides an edge in getting leads before viewers go to other brands.

Target the customers geographically

The SEM campaign allows you to be customer-specific. Perhaps, you can choose to advertise in their language and select the place where the ad can be shown. For instance, you can choose a specific city or region for your ads to be shown.


To conclude, one of the most effective digital marketing tactics is search engine marketing (SEM). Perhaps the need for the best SEM companies to do such specialized work has increased as well.

Hiring professionals who specialize in such marketing strategies to enhance your exposure in search engines can help your brand and business attract the target audience.

A well-thought-out marketing plan may help you create a product that meets your needs and exceeds your customers’ expectations, regardless of the marketing strategy you use.

There’s no denying that integrating SEM is the most effective way to develop a sophisticated and effective marketing plan.

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