Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian cat

The Abyssinian cat is known as one of the beautiful and intelligent cat breeds. She is one of the genuine cat breeds. Many different reasons she is a unique cat breed. She is famous for her ferocious appearance. She is a very friendly and more familiar cat breed. For your family, she is a great entertainment cat which is very priceless.

Abyssinian cat


Abyssinian Background

The Abyssinian name comes from the city which is Abyssinia. Now it is known as the country of Ethiopia. Burmese cats are one of the parts of the Abyssinia breed. There are other kinds of cats that are also known as part of the Abyssinian breed. If you deeply think about two types of breed, you can see these are similar in their facial features and personality.

It is known that in the United States first bred is Abyssinian. When these were bred, that time was 1935.

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Abyssinian Cats Colors

You can see many differences in the Abyssinian cat. But commonly that color you can see is ruddy fur. This fur is similar to wild rabbits fur. There is an M sign for their forehead. Fawn color is a common color that we can find in Abyssinian cat fur.


Abyssinian cats are always intelligent. She can notice everything. She is also an entertainment personality. She likes to jump when she sees birds or squirrels. She jumps on the refrigerator because she always supervises meals. She likes to play. She always plays with many toys. So if you have an Abyssinian cat, you should plan to buy toys for your loveable cat.


There are some health problems in Abyssinian. These are the following.

  1. Periodontal disease
  2. Hyperesthesia syndrome
  3. Patellar luxation
  4. Progressive retinal atrophy
  5. Pyruvate kinase deficiency
  6. Renal amyloidosis


Abyssinians are not so many shedders. So it is easy to do daily grooming. But when in season she sheds more. You can groom weekly. Weakly brushing makes her better. If you consider bathing them, you can decide on it monthly. Monthly brushing can be pretty.

How Friendly Are Abyssinian Cats?

Abyssinian cats are very familiar pets. She is very close to her family. She always plays with her family.

Abyssinian cat

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Are Abyssinian cats good pets?


The Abyssinian is a strongly excellent pet for every pet lover. These are excellent for the family. She is always prepared to play with the family. She likes to be a companion with humans. So definitely we can say that the Abyssinian cat is a perfect pet.

How much does an Abyssinian cat cost?

If you have a $75-$150 budget, you can consider adopting an Abyssinian cat.

Are Abyssinian cats hypoallergenic?

Sometimes you can see some allergy problems in your Abyssinian cat. Because every single cat breed has some hypoallergenic problems. There are no cats who are free from allergies. But cat lovers who suffer from this type of problem, it is good news for them that Abyssinian cat shedding is a minimal quantity.

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