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Amazing solo travel destinations in the US 2022

Travelling can be an amazing opportunity for you to explore other places with your friends, partner or family. However, travelling alone brings a whole new experience and can help you reconnect with yourself on a much deeper level. If you’re a woman who loves to travel alone, these are some of the best destinations in the US you should definitely check out and add to your list. 

New York City, New York

One of the first destination spots that come to everyone’s mind is New York and there’s a pretty good reason why. There’s something about New York City that makes all of those who travel there on their own feel like they run the show and that there’s nothing in this world they can’t do. New York City simply has that atmosphere and energy. It draws people in and makes them never want to leave. 

So, if you’re a solo traveler who likes to have a lot of spontaneous fun on the road, NYC is definitely the best destination spot for you. Wherever you go you’ll find some source of entertainment. Whether you like to go to night clubs, theatres, stand-up comedy shows, or something else NYC has all of that and more to offer. There are fun events that you can join on almost every corner of this city that never sleeps.

As for safety, New York City is fairly safe for tourists, especially in popular areas and around tourist attractions in Manhattan. Central Park is also one of those places where you can have fun while feeling safe and comfortable out in public in NYC. 

Overall, as a solo traveler, you will have endless possibilities in New York City. There is a lot of amazing tourist attractions and you can pretty much never be bored in this city. 

San Francisco, California, US

Another iconic city in the US you should definitely visit on your road trip is San Francisco. This city is a great destination spot for all of the newbies in solo travelling. It has an amazing tourism infrastructure and is overall very welcoming to travelers. 

Firstly, San Francisco has multiple local tour companies where you can sign up for walking tours around San Francisco. You can also participate in day trips out in Muir Woods or go to the wine counties. Also, if you’re not a big fan of planning, this is a perfect opportunity for you to relax and let the professional tour guide do all the planning and organizing of your weekend trip. 

Just like New York City, San Francisco is easy to navigate around and makes it very tourist-friendly. Basically anyone can easily get around without any extra help. Also, you can ride the famous San Francisco cable cars around town and up and down stunning hills in San Francisco. 

Berkeley, California

If you, on the other hand, prefer visiting smaller cities, Berkley in California absolutely has to be on your bucket list.

It’s a perfect city for solo travelers and if you already plan to visit San Francisco you can easily just extend your travelling plans a bit and drop by Berkley on your way to San Francisco. You must be familiar with UC Berkley as well. However, this is just one of many amazing destination spots you should visit in Berkley. There are tons of fun activities other than visiting the beautiful UC Berkley campus that Berkley has to offer for tourists.  

For instance, when visiting Berkley, you should definitely go dine at their local restaurants, shop at unique shops like Moe’s Books, take walks in botanical gardens, and hang out at the Berkley’s marina. There’s something in the air in Berkley that will make you feel so comfortable and like you’re at home. 

Austin, Texas

Texas is one of the biggest states in the USA and while Austin may not be the most authentic city in Texas out there it’s definitely worth visiting. Firstly, Austin is such a funky and wonderful place for people who like to solo travel and discover new places. There are plenty of fun and very social hostels where you won’t feel so lonely while solo travelling. These are the best places where you can make a bunch of new friends on your solo trip. 

On top of that, Austin is full of amazing and adventurous activities you can participate in. you can go shopping in South Congress. You can participate in food truck hopping, chill out on the famous University of Texas campus, or wander around some of the most beautiful Austin museums. 

Seattle, Washington

If you enjoy visiting cities that create a perfect blend of urban life and nature then you absolutely have to visit Seattle in Washington State. The city is overall very safe for solo travelers, especially women who prefer to travel on their own. 

When solo travelling to Seattle you will never be bored or running out of ideas for what to do. There are so many amazing museums you should visit as well as beautiful national parks like the stunning Mount Rainier. There are organized trips you can take to visit some of the most popular spots in Seattle too, so once again you don’t even have to worry about planning your activities.

Another great thing about Seattle is that the weather is very moderate and it allows you to take long walks throughout the day. If you prefer to go around the town a bit faster and visit as many popular spots as possible, you can always look into high-quality women’s bikes that feel comfy on the road wherever you are. The bike will easily and quickly take you places and make your trip even more fun and exciting. Plus, with the city so intertwined with nature and so many parks around, biking around is a really nice way to explore Seattle. 

Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re a major foodie who likes to solo travel and try out different kind of cuisines in the US, then this is a perfect travel destination spot for you. Charleston in South Carolina has so much to offer to curious tourists who love experiencing solo travels and trying new food.

Before you get to Charleston you should definitely check out some of their restaurants in advance. See what their menus look like and based on that make a decision about what places you would mostly like to visit. You should definitely treat yourself with some delicious Lowcountry cuisine and some of the tastiest dishes such as shrimp and grits. When you’re travelling and moving around a lot, those calories don’t even count. You deserve to savor every bite of delicious food you try during your solo travel and have the absolute best time of your life exploring new places around the US. 

On top of all of that, Charleston is a very walkable city where you can visit multiple museums as well as many historical homes all of which are within a walking distance and can be easily and quickly reached. 

Portland, Maine

If you love smaller cities that are rarely mentioned on the list of popular cities in the US, you need to visit Portland. This small hidden gem will be like a breath of fresh air. If you love seafood you’re going to love Portland even more. With some of the most fresh seafood options coming from the North Atlantic Ocean, you will never feel hungry in Portland. Also, there are tons of amazing food truck and bar options if you feel awkward asking for a table for one. 

Not far away from the downtown core, you can easily reach Portland’s famous lighthouses with a short Uber ride. As a solo traveler, try to soak in the beauty and fresh sea air on Maine’s stunning coastline that will absolutely leave you breathless. 

Lastly, but very importantly, Portland will make you feel extremely safe and comfortable as a solo traveler, especially if you’re a woman travelling alone. 

Madison, Wisconsin 

Another amazing solo travelling destination is Madison in Wisconsin. The locals are extremely welcoming and friendly towards tourists. There’s a lot to be seen in town such as the state’s gorgeous Capitol building and largest university. There are tons of amazing activities you can participate in. the city is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful lakes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while witnessing some of the most beautiful sunsets on the shore. You can go on lake cruises or try kayaking. Also, this town is an amazing cultural hub where you can visit many museums and learn lots of fun things about Madison.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you’re a history buff who enjoys travelling to larger cities, consider going to Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia is pretty much thought of as one of the birthplaces of the US. You can visit the Independence Hall and the Constitution Center and learn a lot about the USA founding period. You can also take a day trip to Valley Forge nearby. 

However, even if you’re not a history buff, there’s still a lot to do in Philadelphia like trying out local food, visit sporting events, and so on.

Marco Island, Florida 

If you want to go on a tropical getaway, then book a trip to Marco Island. Miami may be the first and most popular option in Florida, but Marco Island is the real solo travel gem that you should visit if you just want some relaxing time and drink your favorite cocktails at a bar. 

There are a lot of interesting places to visit and a lot of fun things to do on this island. You can go jet skiing, explore marine wildlife, meet other solo travelers, and so on. The island has an amazing tourist infrastructure and you can easily book yourself a tour where you can meet other tourists and make new friends along the way. 

Cape May, New Jersey

Lastly, Cape May is a great place for a girls’ weekend getaway, but it’s also amazing for all those women who like to travel alone and get some relaxing time. If you travel there in summertime, you can relax and sip some cold drinks on the beach while reading your favorite book or listening to some music.

Here, you will be able to go on a local brewery tour, learn some history while on trolley tours, visit independent museums, and have some refreshing dinner at local hotel bars. This place is highly recommended for solo travelers who are looking for an idyllic weekend getaway and some relaxing time.  


Overall, there are numerous amazing places worth visiting in the United States. However, these above-mentioned ones are especially amazing options for women who love to solo travel.

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