An affordable and elegant jewellery option: Artificial Jewellery Sets & Kundan Jewellery Sets for Women

This is 2022 and India is rapidly inching toward becoming a global superpower by advancing in every sector be it a startup, technology, sports, healthcare, agriculture, and etcetera. Unlike the other democracies of the world, India is deeply rooted in its ancient culture and tradition which the citizens across the length and breadth of the country still practise. Wearing an ethnic outfit at a festival or having a Haldi ceremony before the marriage, Indians still carry and nurture the legacy they inherited from their ancestors. These things carry a lot of weightage and apart from these things, there are a lot of other things that hold a great significance in the vibrant culture of the country. Wearing ornaments or jewellery is one such aspect that Women across India still practice and that too with a sense of immense pride. In India, jewellery is indeed believed to be auspicious for women and this is why even women coming from not-so-strong financial backgrounds will also have some kind of jewellery with them that they might have collected during different phases of their life.

Jewellery is not just considered something that elevates the beauty of a woman but it is also often referred to as the wealth of women, which in short, is considered a symbol of wealth, power, and femininity. There is a plethora of jewellery that an Indian woman would possess. It could be a gold bindi jewellery design, earrings, chain, necklace, toe ring, nose ring, Mangalsutra, and many more. However, it is not a hidden fact from the world that ornaments or jewellery are made up of sacred and precious elements like silver, gold, and platinum. These all are very precious elements and are very expensive, making it difficult for the largely middle-class woman to have them. However, they do not need to be disheartened as there are multiple options available in the market to fulfil their desire of owning jewellery and wearing them to add elegance to their look.

Here’s a look at the categories and types of affordable jewellery options available in the market:-

Artificial Jewellery Sets for Women

Artificial Jewellery Set for Women is something that in recent times has developed quite a huge customer base among Indian Women as more and more brands have started to manufacture jewellery sets that are not cent percent made up of silver, gold or platinum but have similar weight, texture, design, and elegance. With technological advancements, the dream of women to wear lustrous and elegant jewellery pieces is now possible. Not just beautiful and creative designs but another interesting aspect of Artificial Jewellery often referred to as Fashion Jewellery is that they are affordable and less expensive as compared to pure Gold sets. Additionally, women can wear it on a daily basis without worrying about the quality degrading. With these types of trendy jewellery, there’s no reason not to enjoy your time in the sun, mingle with the throng, or breathe in the fresh sea air on a beach.

Not just this, one of the best parts about these jewellery sets is that you can stockpile them as much as you like, given the price factor. Artificial Jewellery Sets for women are becoming the preferred choice of lots of Indian Women because they give the same impression as a 24-carat gold set and these sets also go well with any kind of outfit, making you look good in lavish parties. Leave aside Necklace Set, Nath, Anklets, Waist Chain, Bangles, Maang Tikkas, Bindis, Pendants or Rings, Indian Women are going for Artificial Mangalsutras also.

Kundan Jewellery Sets for Women

Kundan Jewellery Set for Women is another great option if you are looking for affordable jewellery sets. For starters, Kundan is an ancient and traditional form of jewellery that is adorned with gold foil and beautiful gemstones. Kundan is considered to be royal because its production is believed to have originated centuries ago in the royal courts of the western state of Rajasthan. It is also referred to as Bikaneri or Jaipuri Jewellery. The art of making Kundan is also termed Jadau Jewellery and this intricate jewellery is a fine example of a handmade piece of art. During the older times, Kundan Jewellery used to be very heavy, however, in recent times, jewellers have made it lightweight, catering to modern demands and tastes.

Indian Brides have huge popularity and demand for Kundan Jewellery as they are graceful and elegant in appearance and most Indian Brides want to look like a queen on their wedding day. It is often witnessed that heavy diamond sets do not complement the traditional bridal attire and this is where Kundan Jewellery set for women comes to the rescue. Today, Kundan Jewellery can be seen in the bride’s traditional wedding trousseau. However, originally, it often came as a full set, consisting of an ornate and elegant necklace, with bangles or bracelets and earrings to go by. However, the best part is that in recent times, women can find these pieces individually as well as in the form of a completely new set.

To sum up

In this modern time, the present trend of fashion jewellery purchasing for women has changed dramatically, as ladies may now purchase without having to think too much. They can also obtain exceptional designer fashion jewellery at reasonable prices to wear on numerous occasions. Catering to the same,, an e-commerce jewellery brand has been selling different pieces of jewellery, from Kundan ones to pearl ones to traditional-style jewellery, they have it all.

To sum up

In this modern time, the present trend of fashion jewelry purchasing for women has changed dramatically, as ladies may now purchase without having to think too much. They can also obtain exceptional designer fashion jewelry at reasonable prices to wear on numerous occasions.


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