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An Effective Treatment for Male Erection Problems

What is Viagra Sildenafil Pills?

It is known as the Viagra Sildenafil pill is among the most well-known treatment options for erectile dysfunction. The pill was created by Pfizer pharmaceuticals the bar-raising pill was cleared by the US FDA on March 27 the 27th of March, 1998. Viagra Sildenafil became an instant sensation, and the annual revenue of Viagra Sildenafil in the period 1999-2001 exceeded $1 billion.

The revolutionary Cenforce drug altered society’s view of sexuality and impotence. People who had been in silence suffering from erectile dysfunction began seeking Viagra prescribing doctors. The credit for this revolution lies with the massive public relations campaign initiated by Pfizer that gave information about the condition and advertised the Viagra Sildenafil pills as a safe treatment. The campaign on TV enlisted the former United States Senator Bob Dole and soccer player Pele and immediately caught the interest of the general public.

Male erection problem

The problem of erection in men is the inability to create or keep an erection on the penis that is strong enough to allow a man to engage in sexual relations. Some men aren’t capable of achieving an erection and

some may have difficulty achieving an erection while having a sexual encounter. A persistent inability to get or maintain a strong adequate erection for sexual intimacy is classified as erectile dysfunction or impotence.

The majority of men at some time in their lives have issues with erections, however, this condition is more prevalent in the elderly because they tend to suffer from illnesses

that can hinder the physiological processes that aid men in obtaining sexual erections.

The reasons to choose Viagra for treating erection problems

Prior to the introduction of Viagra before the launch of Viagra, the only options available to treat of erection problems were penile injections, vacuum pumps, or surgical implants. These procedures were incredibly uncomfortable and hence men chose to ignore their erection issues instead of searching for painful treatments.

The release of Viagra, however, changed the scenario dramatically. Viagra Sildenafil pills offered those with issues with erections the ability to have a successful sexual experience simply by popping

the pill one hour prior to the planned sexual activity. Viagra proved to be reliable and safe through numerous clinical studies and was also accepte by the FDA. The men felt comfortable with the use of Viagra and were please with the promises of results.

For the past five years, Viagra Sildenafil pills enjoyed a complete monopoly in the treatment of impotence. 2003 was the year that saw the introduction of additional treatments for impotence, such as Cialis as well as Levitra. While Cialis has a long of effectiveness, while Viagra is effective for only 4 hours, men prefer Viagra. It is because they have tried the Kamagra Gold 100 drug and developed an affinity with it. Cialis and Levitra have found it difficult to break the bonds to

the drug that has been develope by men for Viagra.

Who is not a good candidate for Viagra?

Viagra Sildenafil is the only prescription drug, and therefore only your physician is able to decide if it is suitable for the medication for you. However, we have provided some general guidelines that define those who shouldn’t take Viagra –

  • Men who have normal sexual function shouldn’t use Viagra
  • Men’s who are taking any type of nitrate medication are not advised to use Viagra
  • His who are taking medications that block alpha-blockers should consider taking Viagra with care
  • Men shouldn’t use Viagra to relax since it may be dangerous

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