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Online shopping is one of the most successful technological developments for people’s comfort worldwide. The practice of online buying in Pakistan is growing successfully in Pakistan as well. Online selling website in Pakistan clothes, shoes, groceries, household appliances, machinery, electronic gadgets, cellphones, and so on. The best part of online shopping is that goods are delivered to the home address for cash on delivery or through card payment.

Many websites sell specific products only. However, numerous online e-commerce platforms are all-in-one websites with various things available in one location. PakistanCreates is one of those platforms where the local makers can put up their shop in any relevant category and start selling online.

Online Selling Websites in Pakistan

Online websites selling beauty items, clothing, and E-pharmacies are operational in Pakistan for a long time. However, PakistanCreates is one of those sites that are selling combined products instead of a single one. 

One of the reasons for the success of online shopping platforms is online delivery. Either the brand offer’s the delivery service itself or hires any courier service for the purpose. Beginners in online purchasing have often wondered, “Is online shopping secure in Pakistan?” Yes, the stores that are selling online are concerned about their brand image and delivering the products they promise.  

PakistanCreates: An Online Selling Website in Pakistan

PakistanCreates is an online selling project in Pakistan by Fiverivers Technologies, a software house based in Lahore. The project took the strong initiative of promoting the local makers of Pakistan. PakistanCreates has emerged as a platform supporting the local makers of Pakistan to sell their products online nationwide and beyond the country. 

The products are made or manufactured in Pakistan with careful detailing and crafting. What separates PakistanCreates from any other online marketplace is its stringent quality checks and the community of verified sellers that are selling on the platform.

At PakistanCreates, these major categories of products are available for sale:


At PakistanCreates, a large clothing stock is available for different age groups. Men, women, and children can shop for clothes from PakistanCreates. One can explore both stitched and unstitched clothes at this website. Moreover, if you are interested in selling clothes online then PakistanCreates is the best platform to join and take start your business. 


Traditional and modern shoes are available for sale at PakistanCreates. Shoes for men, women, and kids are available. You can find a colorful variety of khussas at PakistanCreates to match your dresses. 


Numerous products are a part of accessories. You can find jewelry and bags in this category. Eastern wear jewelry is available for sale at PakistanCreates. You can also find minimal and modern jewelry to match casual or western wear. 

Health and Beauty

PakistanCreates is a website selling organic and inorganic skincare products in Pakistan. There is an extensive stock of soaps, shampoos, and facial products. Organic products are beneficial for the skin and the environment.  

Kids Stuff

A large stock of kid’s stuff is available for sale at PakistanCreates. These include kid’s clothes, shoes, toys, bath products, playmats, and accessories. You can find numerous kid accessories to gift on a kid’s birthday. 

Home Accessories

Home accessories include many more things. At PakistanCreates, you can shop from a large stock of home accessories. These include wall art, kitchen accessories, bathroom accessories, rugs, cushions, candles, lighting, etc. Vases, wall paintings, and rugs are a must if you want to decorate your home! Resin craft has become popular in Pakistan and many people craft resin coasters, trays, hangings, and other decor items for online sale.


You can find all items sold as stationery at PakistanCreates. If you like to create art, you can shop for art supplies at the website. Greeting cards for different occasions are in stock at PakistanCreates. You can find many cards to wish eid, anniversary, birthday, and other events in routine life. 

Customized notebooks and journals are available for sale at PaksitanCreates at an affordable price. Many other small stationery items are available at PakistanCreates. These include badges, bookmarks, keychains, magnets, and stickers. You can find customized and colored paper at PakistanCreates to jot down your routine activities or other essential information. School supplies such as eraser, pencil, sharpener, and others are available in the stock. 


PakistanCreates is an online selling website for homemade and healthy food items in Pakistan. These include bakery items and dairy items such as milk and cheese. Others like dates, dry fruits, frozen items, honey, jams, oats/cereals, pickles, sauces, snacks, and other organic food are available at PakistanCreates. 

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