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Beat The Competition Launching Uber Clone 2022 Integrated with New Features

The ride-sharing business is blossoming these days. Any entrepreneur you take is fascinated by developing an Uber-like app. Because we all wanted to follow a successful business model and that’s Uber. There are high chances of benefitting from launching an Uber-like App in the regions/locations where it is yet to see seamless transportation.

People have already witnessed what it is like using Uber-like Taxi Booking Apps hence, there is no way to go back to the traditional taxi booking ways. To help you create a robust taxi booking app solution, this article emphasizes its various aspects.

First thing first for those who think replicating Uber is illegal, let’s get the fact clear here.

It is not illegal to replicate the Uber business model. The Uber Clone App Development process enables entrepreneurs to create their Taxi Booking App without having to start from scratch.

Many app development companies, such as Uber, Instacart, Postmates, and Gojek, have built their apps using clone scripts. Thus, purchasing Uber Clone Scripts enables aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their businesses without the need for a large investment.

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Incorporating Happening Features in Uber Clone App

The development of an Uber-like app entails creating three distinct apps: the user app, the driver app, and the admin panel. These three apps are absolutely necessary for the success of your ride-sharing app. Some of the most important features to include in your app are listed below.

Taxi Booking iWatch App

Your girlfriend may consider it rude when you are not paying attention to her. Find her bickering boring and wish that you could leave without making her feel offensive. Taxi Booking iWatch App, on the other hand, simplifies your life. How? You can hire a cab while remaining discreet by not pulling out your Apple Phone.

You can summon a taxi with a few taps on your App Watch. It works on the same Uber-like app concept as Uber, allowing you to get rid of a nosy girlfriend without offending her.

Restricted Driver’s Fraud

Your driver will not be able to charge you for the wait time, as this feature stops him from doing it. It prevents your driver to mark “arrived” before arriving at the destination ensuring complete transparency.

Location-wise push-notifications

The app owner will be able to send Push Notifications to all users in the chosen location.

Cookie consent popup

Cookie Consent Popup is used to inform users about the use of cookies on your website to comply with GDPR and the EU Cookie Directive. If you don’t need it, you can turn it off from the Back End.

Using Firebase for Mobile Number Verification

Backend Services are provided by Firebase Authentication to authenticate users by verifying their phone numbers. Using this technology, you can avoid costly third-party SMS verification of the user’s phone number.

Apart from this, integrating it with COVID19 Safety Features comprising Face mask verification, Ride cancellation, Safety checklist, Safety ratings and reviews as well as Restricted passenger limit can help you get a wider customer base. It conveys that you care for your users’ and driver’s safety thus help them book taxi ride with peace of mind

Buying Uber Clone Script From V3Cube

V3Cube with more than a decade, takes pride in launching more than 100+ Uber-like Taxi Apps for its global clients.

Established its name as the most preferred Taxi App provider that you can have collaborate with. The Uber Clone Script Solution comes integrated with New Features, improved UI/UX and overall functionalities that ensures you a streamlined taxi booking business you could ever had.

We help you launch your own Taxi Booking App like Uber in just 7 business days.  All you have to do is pick up a phone and give us a call. Your app related requirements will be met. Sit back and relax and let us handle your app development chore.

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