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Benefits of Using Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper Cable

There are numerous benefits of using an advanced version of Ethernet cables. Especially, Cat6 Plenum Pure Copper Cable is one of the most demanding ones due to its great features. Some of them are mentioned below for a better understanding of new users.

1.   Good against Fire: –

The plenum jacket of Cat6 cable is made of such kind of a material that resists fire. The material called “Polyvinyl Chloride” is a flame-retardant one. This is why these cables are safe to install in building structures. In case a fire catches this cable, it resists the burning process and resists the fire in expanding.

Another quality of this material is that while burning it does not produce any toxic smoke that is harmful to humans. Generally, they are manufactured to be installed at the plenum spaces of the building. With that, they are good to use at other places as well but due to their high cost, it is not recommended to do.

2.   Value for Money: –

The Cat6 plenum pure copper cables are available in the market at the best lowest prices. At these prices, the features and performance provided by these cables make your investment fruitful for you. They give the complete value for money.  There is not much difference between it and its older variant Cat5e but the results an individual will receive are hugely different. Cat6 is way better in performance than Cat5 and Cat5e.

3.   Data Transfer Speed: –

The main concern that remains in most of the modern era networks is getting fast data transfer speeds. This is achieve by installing newer versions of Ethernet cables. In this scenario, Cat6 cable is the best available option for home networks users and commercial networks users.

It provides lightning-fast data transfer speeds to the networks that not only enhance the performance of the cable but also make life easy for the users of the networks. Cat6 is capable of delivering up to 10Gbps data transfer speed to the networks. Though this capacity is restricted to only 50 meters it is still enough to design home networks and small business networks. the only difference between it and its new variant Cat6a plenum 1000ft cable is the distance restriction.

4.   Availability: –

Cat6 plenum pure copper is easily available in the market to users. There are several different manufacturers and suppliers of this Ethernet cable is available in the US market. iTechCables is one of them. We are in this field for the last decade and provide quality products to our customers.

Our Cat6 Cable is very popular among the customers due to its quality and features. We provide our customers lowest possible prices of these cables in comparison to other manufacturers and suppliers in the market.

5.   Better against Interference: –

The Cat6 plenum cable is highly helpful to get installed at locations with higher interference factors. The places where electromagnetic interference is high due to different reasons like generators, electronic gadgets, and others. This cable performs very well in those places due to high resistivity features against interference factors of crosstalk and EMI. Once the cable performs well against these factors, the speed of the network increased automatically.


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