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Best Amazon Product Page Optimizations

The way you optimize an Amazon product page can have a significant effect on Amazon performance. Yet, it’s one of the least understood aspects of marketing on Amazon. There is a big difference in converting a percent conversion rate and 20% conversion rate is massive. It could be hundreds, if not thousands of thousands of dollars earned or lost profits.

Amazon keyword research

This is the place where the process of Amazon optimization starts with extensive and thorough keyword research. Our aim with Amazon Keyword research can be described as two-fold. The first is to discover the most frequently searched keywords that we can use in our titles: Bullet points, Backend keyword, images A+ content, and many more. 

The second objective is to locate the mid- and long-tail keywords that you can employ to create the purposes of your Amazon PPC campaigns. These keywords that are long-tail are more competitive, and the CPCs (cost per click) are much less. The tools you can use to do this include Merchant keywords, SellerApp, Google keywords planner.

Title: The second best practice

The title is among the most crucial factors (besides the main image) to get someone to click through your page. It is important to use keywords that are relevant along with clear and convincing terms, and also give reasons why people should purchase your product. Make sure to make them feel special by using a title that is intriguing and makes the customer inclined to purchase.

When creating a title for your business, be sure to look at your top opponents.

  • How did they come up with their title?
  • What keywords are they using?
  • Are there enough searches for these terms?

In deciding on the most appropriate terms, you don’t necessarily need to pick the keywords that have the highest search volume. It is also possible to select keywords with lower search volume, and which typically have lesser competition. Be aware that the products that are sold on Amazon are ranked according to keywords. So, even other categories are appealing, provided you select the right keywords.

Amazon’s requirements for titles.

The requirements for title are the same for all Amazon worldwide marketplaces, regardless of whether you are using FBA and FBM. Amazon offers four specifications for titles for products:

  1. Titles must not be longer than 200 characters, which includes spaces (which can vary depending on the class).
  2. They shouldn’t contain words such as “free shipping”, “100% quality guarantee”.
  3. Titles shouldn’t contain characters that are used for decoration like ! * $ ? _ ~ { } # < > | * ; ^
  4. Titles should include specific product information, like “hiking boots” or “umbrella”.

Bullet Points: 

This is the 3rd most effective optimization technique on you Amazon site’s product pages

Through amazon bullet points, you’re trying to create emotion in the buyer and provide the impression of exactly what they require . So, think like a person buying your product and ask yourself what words and phrases will convince me to purchase this product? Be focused on the benefits of your product, not as much on its characteristics.

There are several techniques you can employ to determine the advantages of a certain product. The first is to check the reviews of a competitor and search for the most favorable reviews. Then, you can ask your customers who have purchased the product they did and not competitors.

Then, you should write down the top five advantages that would make someone purchase your product. Make use of as many keywords feasible from your research on keywords and make sure to make use of synonyms. While you are writing the bullet points, consider why this is important?


Images are crucial because they’re often the first thing people glance at when they are looking through the product. Once you have a user click on your item it is not the first time they go through the entire text before examining whether the images are in line with the question. 

If this is the case the user is likely to look more deeply into the product as well as look over the content (what is this product able to provide to me?). Images are crucial.

Professional photos provide better ROI. Beginning with the principal image to lifestyle photos, consider hiring a professional photographer who is aware of the benefits of products, and in particular Amazon.

On the Amazon page for the product, you can display up to six photos. Take advantage of them all and ensure that you clearly describe the benefits of the product in your pictures.

A+ Content:

A+ Content incorporates precise product descriptions, vibrant graphics, graphics, as well as text that helps customers make educated purchasing choices.

The free content provided by manufacturers is intended to help drive higher conversions on a specific page. As per Amazon, A+ Content could boost sales by three to 10% by educating consumers about your product or brand.

Alongside the benefits and purposes of an item, you can demonstrate what your brand is about.

Backend keywords: 

To allow your customers to locate your items to make it easier for customers to find your products on Amazon It is important to include search terms customers can use for items they would like to purchase. Amazon restricts the search term’s length at less than 250 bits (150 characters).

The process is very simple. Choose the 15 to 20 most relevant keywords. Then , you can make use of this Frankenstein, Helium 10 tool to summaries the list of terms. You can also accomplish this yourself. Remember that this could comprise approximately 150 characters.


While A+ content is likely to ensure that your description will not be obvious, it’s recommended to fill it in. Also, it is recommended to use the search phrases that are most pertinent within the description. Use simple lines that include enters For instance:

</br> Yoga mat that has an average thickness of 0.6 millimeters

</br> Yoga / fitness mat, dimensions: ….

</br>  Mat for the gym that is suitable …

By using  </br> sign, you can make sure that each line is neatly laid beneath each one. You may also utilize the amazon description editor tool to do this.

Reviews & Ratings:

Reviews can be a proof of your company’s success and demonstrate that people are purchasing your product. It’s like having a busy restaurant versus a place that has nobody in… What restaurant do you prefer? They’re also crucial (we believe) in relation to Amazon’s algorithm.

There are numerous methods to create reviews.

Number one…don’t promote a poor product. Be sure to have an excellent, high-end product.

The second is to ensure you send an excellent and well-designed email following the purchase. This is where you want to know if the purchaser is satisfied with their purchase and would be willing to write a positive feedback?

If you’re using FBA it is possible to opt to make use of Amazon Vine. It’s an Amazon program in which Amazon delivers your product to customers who evaluate your product, and later write a review.

Never Stop A/B Testing: 

Once you’ve perfected everything you’ve listed from the top to the bottom It’s time to begin from scratch. Split testing (also known as A/B testing as well as multivariate test) is a method for conducting controlled experiments with the goal to improve a website’s metric like forms, clicks or sales.

Why is it important to conduct an independent test?

Amazon advertising is a powerful marketing tool, however it could also be expensive if the fundamental elements are correct. With the aid of A/B Divide Testing you can continue to enhance and optimize your campaigns to get more precise and targeted outcomes.

Split testing is an important part in the Amazon business that it is essential to always be doing it. A picture that boosts the conversion rate by 5% can result in thousands of euros in sales.

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