Best Perfumes for men in Pakistan

A good perfume is an important element in maintaining beauty for all Pakistani men and women, as a pleasant fragrance creates a lasting feeling. Shops and online stores are full of various deodorants, perfumes, and sprays. However, a good smell should be pleasant, long-lasting, and not too heavy for the pocket. Many Pakistani brands have offered beautiful perfumes in beautiful packaging in recent years. Here is an overview of the cheapest, original, and best perfumes for men in Pakistan with the best fragrance from Pakistani brands.

There is something special about best perfumes in Pakistan. Not only do they express our personality, but they also tell us a lot about our choices. With several celebrities churning, branded, and non-branded perfumes in Pakistan are storming the racks, it becomes difficult to choose just one.

In addition, getting a good, long-lasting scent is a big struggle, especially if you have a low budget. But we have already got the list of best original perfumes in Pakistan that smell good, which are not too expensive and are available in Pakistan. Take a look at them!


You may wonder why I have put the Rawaha Perfumes on top, while many branded and well-known perfumes in Pakistan are trending. Let me tell you why!

From the beginning, Rawaha’s production of perfumes has been above average. In addition, it is always sold in the same quantity and is popular among the people of Pakistan.

One of the best perfumes for women in Pakistan is the Rawaha fragrance. They contain a variety of natural scents. The vibe in these perfumes is unique that is not like the rest.

These perfumes are of kind and masterpieces and are made with great care by using hand-selected ingredients in various magical combinations.

In addition to creating a unique and popular floral scent, Rawaha is also famous for creating an amazing fragrance. Fortunately, their prices are also in the range of 1200–5000 PKR that is very affordable considering the quality.

WB by Hemani

Wasim Badami by Hemani is a great brand that offers more than just perfume. Interestingly, the perfume and body lotions are very hot and strong and ensure quality. Personally, I have used the scent of this brand, and I like them.

Light mist with persistent odor and aroma on the body; you will find it all under one roof. Dynasty is also my favorite, and it is priced at (PKR 2350). The amazing thing is that there are explosive floral mixed with the smell of caramel and are very sparkling.

Saeed Ghani

Saeed Ghani has been specialising in perfumes and skincare products since 1888. Additionally, what interests me the most is how they create cute, pocket-sized attar from renowned global perfumes! For example, you can get a special scent by mixing your favourite notes or fragrances.

You can get 212 Sexy and Chanel no.5 in the form of attar. They are oil-based, not alcohol. Want to know the price? Only 500 PKR! It’s really low.

In addition, they have their own perfume packaging, and you can pay extra to have the perfume in the perfume bottle.

Our Pick

This would probably be Rawaha, as it is committed to the quality and ideology of customer service that represents the best retailers across Pakistan.

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